s took about a dozen hostages inside the bank. The police kept using words to deal with the criminals. Wei Zhen took a detour and entered the bank through the back door, and finally carried out the bodies of all the criminals, leaving the hostages unharmed.

When Lin Yan heard this name, her heart was filled with infinite respect. She sighed, “I didn’t expect that idle Wei Renwu to be Wei Zhen’s son.”
“So, I’m not worried about Wei Renwu’s growth at all. He has a heroic father. I think his family education must be very strict. To put it another way, even if he goes astray, other police officers can’t deal with him. I also believe that his father will be able to deal with him.”
“But his and his father’s styles are really very different. One is serious and old-fashioned, and the other is bohemian and uninhibited.”
“Forget about him, why don’t you tell me what you want to see me for?”
“Professor, do you know about the case in Tianjin?”
“Have heard a little bit.”
“I’m just here to hear your opinion.”
Returning to the dormitory, he sat cross-legged on his bed and closed his eyes to rest, but Lu Tong was chirping at the side: “Tell me, have you confessed your love to Lin Xingchen?”
Quan Kai ignored him.
Still ignoring him at full speed.
Lu Tong said to himself: “However, she still looks pretty good. If you can get her, you won’t suffer any loss.”
At this time, there was suddenly some noise outside.
Quan Kai opened his eyes and said, “Let’s go out and take a look.”
After saying that, he pulled Lu Tong out of the dormitory.
It was Lin Xingchen who was arguing with some boys.
Lin Xingchen looked very angry, and she said angrily: “It’s broad daylight, you don’t wear clothes, what are you doing!”
Not to be outdone, one of the boys counterattacked: “How dare you say that you, a big girl, came to the boys’ dormitory, what’s going on!”
Quan Kai quickly stepped forward to save the situation, blocked Lin Xingchen, and said with a smile, “Sorry, everyone, this is my friend.”
Lu Tong also came over. He looked at the boys surrounding Lin Xingchen with wide eyes and said coldly, “What do you guys want?”
/Lu Tong, a tall man with a height of nearly 1.9 meters, was still very intimidating to this group of boys. Seeing that Lu Tong wanted to help Lin Xingchen, they dispersed.
Quan Kai pulled Lin Xingchen out of the boys’ dormitory, and Lu Tong followed.
Quankai asked: “Xingchen, what do you want from me?”
After asking this question, Lin Xingchen suddenly burst into tears.
Quan Kai suddenly panicked and said hurriedly: “Oh, Xingchen, what’s wrong with you?”
Lu Tong also comforted him: “Yes, Xingchen, don’t cry. If you need our help with anything, just tell us and we will definitely help you.”
There may be some ways to deal with criminals, but he really has no way to deal with the woman’s tears. He can only follow Lu Tong and say: “Yeah, yeah, what happened? Tell us, we will Help you.”
Lin Xingchen held back tears and choked up: “My sister…my sister…”
“What’s wrong with your sister?” Quan Kai and Lu Tong said at