in the past two years. I especially like to read his three-body series, and I like him even more. “Fortress Under Siege”, the most coincidental thing is that the three people I like at the same time are still good friends. This is really a wonderful star-chasing experience.”

“You said you are chasing stars, so what will you do for your idols?”
Wang Luo thought briefly and replied:
“I will protect the idol’s works regardless of reward, including his artistic mind. I also plan to participate in the idol’s artistic creation. For example, I plan to inspect Xingmang in the future and discuss the possibility with Chairman Li Songhua. There will be commercial cooperation and so on.”
When answering these questions, Wang Luo was also surrounded by several wealthy people.
Some are famous all over the world;
Some of them look very unfamiliar.
However, when someone appears next to Wang Luo on such an occasion, the more unfamiliar the person is, the more terrifying their influence is.
It’s just that these people all showed thoughtful expressions at this moment.
As the richest man in Blue Star, Wang Luo’s words don’t seem to be all mere words.
Of course, there are many singers and queens from Qinzhou, but they are trembling at this moment.
“My boss is here.”
“Who is your boss?”
“Look at the guy in front of you, your boss is trying to fawn over you.”
“This is the status of a fish daddy. I just saw Russell coming!”
“The gods are here!?”
“King Fei Ge, what do you think?”
Everyone looked at Fei Yang.
Fei Yang didn’t say anything, but he became increasingly aware of the gap between himself and Xianyu.
Recalling that he had such a strong desire to win when facing Xianyu, Fei Yang suddenly sighed.
It really echoes the phrase in the Three-Body novel: “What does destroying you have to do with you?”
Although Xianyu did not destroy himself, when he was clearing the obstacles in the season rankings, he may not have noticed that a singer named Fei Yang was desperately trying to improve his competitiveness during the same period.
We have never been opponents of the same level.
On the contrary, over the years, following Xianyu’s rhythm and never confronting the other party, he has become more enlightened.
Now I am just an ordinary listener.
Compare Russell, Wang Luo, chaebol representatives, young masters, little princesses, etc.
At this moment, I am indeed a relatively ordinary listener.
“Please enter in an orderly manner.”
“Teacher Xianyu’s symphony performance will begin in half an hour.”
On stage.
The host of the Golden Hall said this.
In the noisy scene, many people had looks of anticipation on their faces, which were so intense that they couldn’t get rid of them.
And in a private room upstairs.
Russell put two fingers on his forehead: “What kind of music will it be?”
/the other side.
Wang Luo began to rub his hands in anticipation, without caring about the secretary behind him: “After listening to yesterday’s work, I realized what I missed. I hope today will not be worse than yesterday, o