pe and cost of “The Tuner”, I knew that this wave would be small and broad again, but I didn’t expect that I made 300 million in one week! “

“Why else is Xingmang looking for filmmakers from Qi Province? Just hug Xianyu tightly.”
“This is a monster born out of nowhere!”
/In terms of influence in different circles, Xianyu still can’t get rid of the title of newcomer in the film and television industry. However, after this wave, everyone’s attention to Xianyu has naturally increased to a higher level.
This is still the case outside.
Starburst, not to mention.
When Lao Zhou received the first-week box office of “The Tuner”, the entire company’s film department was in a state of sluggishness.
“Earn money again?”
“No, it’s earned through blood.”
“Why don’t we change the name of the Film Department to the Composition Department? Do we, a group of filmmakers, have to rely on this little song daddy to earn face?”
“But I have to admit that Xianyu’s script this time is really good.”
Last time, even though “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance” became a hit, there were still voices of incomprehension within the company because many people couldn’t understand the script.
This time is different!
The sheer quality of the script is what makes “The Tuner” a success. Even with the popularity of music, it can’t cover up Xianyu’s talent in writing scripts!
Everyone almost suspected that Xianyu had deliberately won this success in a way that everyone could understand.
It was as if Xianyu demonstrated the same operation in front of the film department, and then asked the film department:
/“Do you understand this time?”
Of course Xianyu wouldn’t say this, it’s just everyone’s imagination.
But just because Xianyu didn’t say it, it didn’t mean that everyone wouldn’t think so.
this moment.
I don’t know how many people in the Starlight Film Department felt their faces burning.
It was Du An who felt the heat in his face the most.
Du An is the director of “Thunderstorm” and a famous first-line director in Qi Province.
Last year when Qin Qi merged, Xingmang spent a lot of money to recruit Du An, and then created a movie around the director Du An.
The goal is, of course, to make a lot of money and then make a stellar voice in the film and television industry!
As a result, “Thunderstorm” performed mediocrely.
On the contrary, “Tang Bo Hu Spots Autumn Fragrance”, which the company did not attach much importance to, carried the banner of the film and television department for Xing Mang!
That time, Du An was already very embarrassed.
In order to regain his respect, Du An decided that his next film must show his value and let Xing Mang see his strength as a great director in Qi Province.
Du An’s next movie hasn’t even been released yet, but Xianyu’s new movie “The Tuner” is already a hit!
Du An suddenly felt even more embarrassed!
As embarrassing as Du An, there is Zhang Yu, a great screenwriter whom Xingmang recruited from Qi Province. Zhang Yu wrote the script of “Thunderstorm”.
This is a script tha