st because the level of the rewarded instrument is very basic.

on the contrary.
Lin Yuan felt that this thing could be found in a bronze treasure chest, and its value was already very high!
Good luck.
Lin Yuan decided to draw three times in a row!
He said loudly: “Open another bronze treasure chest.”
Lin Yuan has already felt the charm of opening the box while it’s hot. It’s like drawing a lottery. It’s exciting to draw continuously!
“Ding dong!”
/Including calligraphy, pen calligraphy, etc.
“Calligraphy technique?”
Lin Yuan was more surprised this time than excited.
Because Lin Yuan’s time is very precious now, he cannot make money by teaching students on a large scale like before, teaching this student to draw and that student to draw.
The same goes for calligraphy.
Even if he can teach calligraphy at a professional level, he can’t really go to any university to teach calligraphy, so the only advantage of this reward is
Maybe when I give it to readers in the future, I won’t be laughed at by the readers?
Let’s see who dares to say that he is a primary school student in the future.
Now that we have calligraphy skills, we might as well do a book signing event now, and maybe we can increase the sales of “Murder on the Orient Express”.
Lin Yuan was in high spirits.
Probably because he was really concerned about being laughed at by the crowd for speaking out, Lin Yuan immediately contacted Jin Mu and asked Jin Mu to bring fifty books.
He wants to hold another book signing event to rectify his handwriting!
Jin Mu agreed.
After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuan looked at the last treasure box in the system.
This treasure chest is silver grade!
After opening three bronze treasure chests in a row, Lin Yuan now had the urge to open this silver treasure chest as well.
Do you want to open it directly?
The rhythm of four draws in a row?
Gritting his teeth, Lin Yuan said: “Open the silver treasure chest!”
“Ding dong.”
Following the system prompt, Lin Yuan was stunned.
It turns out that if you open the box while it’s hot, what comes out is so fragrant?
Songs, basic musical instruments, professional-level calligraphy? All good.
But the several rewards from the bronze treasure chest combined cannot compare with the reward from the silver treasure chest!
This is the complete Poirot series!
Do you know that Lin Yuan’s previous customized mystery novels cost money?
As a result, I was extremely lucky this time. I directly drew the complete collection of Poirot series of mystery novels!
This thing alone contains dozens of grandma’s reasonings.
It also includes famous works such as “Tragedy on the Nile”!
“You’ve made a lot of money. It’s worthy of being a silver treasure chest.”
Lin Yuan was very satisfied.
The last time the silver treasure chest opened “Death Note”, it was left for Shadow.
But in terms of value, “Death Note” was crushed by this Poirot series of novels!
no way.
There are so many Poirot novels.
For example, the “Tragedy on the Nile” just mentioned.
The v