entity of the characters is not important.

In fact.
Another reason for choosing “Murder on the Orient Express” is that Lin Yuan wanted to fully develop Poirot’s signature!
With the release of “Roger’s Mystery”, readers are no longer unfamiliar with Poirot.
And with “Murder on the Orient Express” providing a more in-depth characterization of Poirot, Lin Yuan believes that Poirot’s popularity will explode!
To know.
This case is not only one of the pinnacles of Poirot’s life, but also one of the pinnacles of Grandma’s life!
Grandma wrote countless mystery novels during her lifetime, and later generations always like to rank her personal works.
But occasionally someone thinks otherwise.
The difference is that some readers think “Murder on the Orient Express” is Grandma’s peak work!
This argument will not be discussed in the book for the time being.
It can be said that the vast majority of readers are willing to recognize the fact that “Murder on the Orient Express” can be ranked in the top three among all the works of Grandma.
This is not controversial.
/After all, Leng Guang and Chu Kuang were not from Yan.
The two did not strictly set too many requirements and standards for literary battles. They simply defaulted to the duel of literary battles in their next works through tribal conversations and under the witness of netizens.
This gives both of them enough time to prepare their works.
After deciding to write “Murder on the Orient Express”, Lin Yuan was basically busy with this matter in the following days.
A brief introduction to the beginning.
In the ice and snow, a train is running, and our protagonist Poirot happens to be riding this train.
Well, he’s really Poirot and not Conan.
Anyway, the murder happened.
The deceased, a passenger, was stabbed to death in his compartment.
At the same time, the train was forced to stop due to heavy snow.
There is no place like this.
The police officers, doctors on the car, etc. can only conduct a criminal reasoning around the famous detective Poirot in the car!
Only by finding the murderer and solving the case can the safety of the remaining passengers be ensured.
This is the so-called secret room murder model of traditional mystery novels!
Due to heavy snow and road closures, the train was trapped in the ice and snow, which is the classic secret room murder environment.
Very classic, very classical, and an enduring model.
There have been countless secret room murder cases in Conan alone.
Poirot then began to investigate, talking to the passengers individually, and gradually learned the identity of the deceased.
The deceased didn’t seem to be a good person.
He was sitting on the train and worried all the time that he would be shot to death by a black gun that came from nowhere. This shows how annoying this guy is.
Perhaps it was because he had too many enemies that the deceased communicated with Poirot before his death, hoping that the famous detective could protect him.
Poirot refused.
He is a detective and is not responsible for protecting othe