stry. If I lose to that But it’s a shame and a big loss.”

“How dare you say such a thing?”
The supervisor was speechless, and then said helplessly: “But what you said is true. Losing to Hongyue would be worse than losing to the other three companies. At least we don’t have to stumble against Hongyue. Who doesn’t know that our two companies are sworn enemies?”
at the same time.
Red Moon Company.
The situation here is almost the same as that of Lone Wolf.
Everyone in the company is waiting for the result of Qixing, because the two companies are sworn enemies. Even if there was talk of reconciliation at the beginning, the thorn in the heart is not easy to remove.
“It’s not a big problem!”
“Red Moon will win!”
“Anyway, we tried our best on this song. Several ace songwriters came up with ideas and finally completed the song. After listening to it, everyone thought it was good. There is no reason to lose to them.”
Although they say affirmative words, in fact, the composers of Hongyue are more self-motivated. Although their songs are very good, didn’t Lone Wolf try their best?
/Waiting is always excruciating.
However, only Lone Wolf and Hongyue are suffering, while the industry is only in the mood of watching a show. Regardless of the success or failure of these two companies, this is an interesting thing that everyone in the industry is paying attention to, and even some parties have some gossips. interest:
“Two months.”
“The results are coming soon.”
“Lone wolves hope for more.”
“Judging from the rankings, the lone wolf is the strongest.”
“But Red Moon’s ranking is not much different.”
“Seven Stars should announce it. After all, this matter is quite lively now. How many people are waiting for the result. Anyway, I am more looking forward to Hongyue winning, because Hongyue’s ranking is slightly lower.”
“Do you sympathize with the weak?”
“As for the weak, compared to Hongyue and Lone Wolf, the other three companies accompanying Party B are weaker. We might as well look forward to the other three companies letting Hongyue and Lone Wolf overturn at the same time. That would be really great fun!”
The subsequent discussion was of course done out of a joke, and those who said Hong Yue and Lone Wolf would overturn were just subconsciously trying to be clever.
Although both Hongyue and Lone Wolf were not too keen on this kind of clever speech.
Just when both parties were extremely nervous, Seven Star’s Party A representatives finally contacted the two companies.
/The results of the competition are out.
“How to say?”
When Lone Wolf received a call from Qixingfang’s representative, he swallowed subconsciously.
“terribly sorry.”
The representative of Seven Stars spoke.
The two supervisors of Lone Wolf looked at each other, and at the same time they saw a flash of disappointment in each other’s eyes.
The deputy director stood up and shook his head.
In the end, the supervisor mustered up the energy to say it didn’t matter, and then said with some reluctance: “Hongyue’s work this time is better than