llness, the two fell in love.

Roger plans to marry Furla.
Before getting married, Fura told Roger: “I poisoned my alcoholic husband to death. This secret was known to someone in the village. He has been threatening me with this recently and extorted a lot of money from me.”
Roger was shocked.
He is a man with a sense of justice and cannot accept that the woman he loves murdered his husband.
Although he had no intention of reporting on Fula, their engagement ended without any problems.
But Furla is the woman Roger loves deeply after all, so he asked Furla: Who is blackmailing her behind her back?
He wanted to help Vlad out of this trouble.
/Furla did not answer immediately, but asked Roger to wait for two days.
As a result, Roger waited for the news that Fula had committed suicide.
There was no time to grieve, and soon after, Roger received a final letter from Fula.
No one knows if Roger ever read the letter.
Because the letter disappeared, and Roger died in his study, his neck was wiped with a knife.
“An ordinary start.”
Cao Dezhi commented softly:
“The murderer is most likely the person who blackmailed Furla. He was worried that his blackmail would be exposed, so he killed Roger and took away Furla’s final letter.”
This is not difficult to guess.
The story is mediocre.
Although he had expected this result, Cao Dezhi was still a little disappointed.
It’s not that Chu Kuang’s writing is not good.
There is nothing wrong with the writing style of this mystery novel by Chu Kuang.
The problem is that Chu Kuang’s writing is too ordinary!
Nine out of ten mystery writers can write like this.
So, no features!
However, Cao Dezhi continued to read.
As a mystery enthusiast, he enjoyed the process of solving puzzles.
The ultimate enjoyment for mystery lovers is undoubtedly to discover who the murderer is earlier than the solvers in the book!
At this time a new character appeared, a detective named Poirot!
According to the introduction of the novel, this Poirot is a famous private detective who has solved many major cases. He just moved to the village and planted pumpkins in the yard every day.
“The detective who suddenly showed up?”
Cao Dezhi raised his eyebrows.
Detective Poirot is a stranger in the village. An outsider suddenly moved to the town, and then two people died in the town in one breath?
Cao Dezhi somewhat suspected that the detective was the murderer. If this was the setting, then the novel might be interesting.
But after reading more than a dozen pages, Cao Dezhi dispelled this suspicion.
Who is the murderer?
The person suspected by the police is Roger’s adopted son Luo Payton.
However, this person was decisively ruled out as a suspect by Cao Dezhi, because in a murder case, the person who looks more like the murderer is often less likely to be the murderer. This is the author’s deception.
In fact, Poirot did not doubt Paton either.
This detective does seem to be a bit level.
As the story continued to progress, more and more characters were involved, and Cao