r death?

In this plan, Snape replaced Malfoy as the tragic victim!
His sacrifice was no greater than that of Dumbledore! valley
“My mentality is broken!”
“We all misunderstood him”
“Don’t die!”
“It’s not worth dying!”
“Obviously you should be a hero!”
“I can not make it”
“Why are you so cruel!”
“I can’t stop the tears!”
How much the readers hated Snape before, how excited they were when they saw Snape being killed by Voldemort, and how much they feel distressed now!
It’s like being cut with a dull knife!
It was twitching to spasmodic pain!
Between the lines of the memories, there is something very close to my heart!
The memories are not over yet!
Another scene.
Dumbledore reveals a surprising secret!
It turns out that the reason why Harry Potter survived the catastrophe was because he accidentally became Voldemort’s Horcrux!
In other words.
/Harry Potter is immortal.
Voldemort will never die!
This is the scene that makes Snape collapse the most:
/“I spied for you, lied for you, and put myself in danger for you. Everything I did was to protect Lily and his son. And now you tell me that you raised him to be like a pig. slaughter!”
This is a collapse of faith!
All Snape’s efforts seemed to have become a joke in the face of this truth, and Dumbledore took advantage of him!
“You already want to protect that child, right?”
And not just because of Lily.
Snape didn’t answer, he summoned his Patronus.
Snape’s patronus is exactly the same as Harry’s mother Lily’s patronus.
“It’s been so long and it’s still like this?”
Patronus is often related to a person’s essence.
Maybe it will be influenced by some people.
Because Snape loved Lily deeply, his patronus was also a doe, which represented the kind-hearted doe.
It was Snape’s patronus who guided Harry.
Dumbledore saw that Snape’s eyes had been filled with tears for some time.
And at this time.
The memory has come to an end.
Only fragmentary fragments are left that continue to impact the reader’s heart.
“You have to tell Voldemort the correct date for Harry’s departure from his aunt’s house. Voldemort knows that you have a lot of information and failure to do so will arouse suspicion. However, you must deceive him. I think that will keep Harry safe. Try it. Try to find Mundungus Fletcher to help you. And, Severus, if you have to be involved in the pursuit, try not to show off your lies and act like… me After death, you can only rely on you to deceive Voldemort, the longer the better, otherwise Hogwarts will fall into the clutches of the devil.”
“You have to remind the people in the Order of the Phoenix and ask them to disguise themselves as much as possible, use Polyjuice Potion, and make several identical Potters. Only that will work. You have to forget that I told you, and you have to act like Do you understand your own idea?”
“Principal! They are camping in the forest, that mudblood…”
“Don’t use that word!”
With flashbacks.
The truth is completely revealed!
Why did Snap