as in the past.

Although they were equally saddened by the character’s death.
People who are familiar with Chu Kuang even feel a sense of inappropriate joy:
Fortunately it was Cedric who died.
It’s not that they didn’t like Cedric.
In terms of character creation, Cedric’s image is very successful, otherwise his death would not have triggered tears in countless readers of Middle-earth.
Old readers from all over the world will be happy simply because:
The old thief didn’t use the butcher’s knife to attack the characters that everyone loved more.
Like Hagrid
Such as Snape
Such as Dumbledore
for example
/There are too many characters in this book that are worthy of everyone’s love. According to Chu Kuang’s style, he only wrote down Cedric, a supporting character who was only officially described in the book. This old thief is already showing mercy.
“This group of Middle-earth readers are still too young and fragile.”
“This is the old thief we are familiar with. He has made three Immortals in a row, which is very embarrassing!”
“That’s what I say, but he dares to do this in children’s literature. I never expected it.”
“Fortunately, our resistance points are full.”
“After countless blows, my heart has become as hard as a stone. When Cedric died, he only swallowed a little.”
“Reading Chu Kuang’s book really trains your endurance!”
“Did Shen Nong really not test the poison this time?”
“The poison has been tested, ammonia!”
“You’ve been poisoned to death, right? Bury your friends generously!”
“Cedric is never coming back, but the old thief is!”
“Don’t say that, it’s just a supporting character who died, and it was a supporting character who only appeared in this film. Although it is a children’s literature, it is understandable that the plot is treated this way. In general, the story direction is more attractive. The introduction of other academies , it’s a big surprise for this department.”
“That’s true.”
“This is still a children’s literature. More than 95% of the content in this article still makes people smile. That is, Ron and Hermione have an emotional line, and Harry Potter has his first love for Autumn. This paragraph makes people smile. I’m a little sorry, I still like Harry and Hermione as a couple.”
This is a very true point.
Cedric is not a popular character after all.
It’s just that in this film, in order to make Cedric’s death more contagious, the story allocates a certain amount of text to him.
/After all, the biggest focus of everyone’s attention will not be on this supporting role.
Compared with Cedric’s death, it is Voldemort’s resurrection and return that is the biggest breaking point of this movie!
The conflict becomes more intense!
The direction of the story becomes more and more confusing!
Emotional lines added.
The relationship between Ron and Hermione, and the protagonist Harry Potter’s secret love for Qiu, are all points of curiosity for everyone.
This allows most readers to quickly get out of the shadow of Cedric’s death and have unlimited expecta