e performance of you Qinzhou players today is indeed remarkable!

But it’s boring if you even boast about the live broadcast effect of Xianyu!
The live broadcast is not just about the commentary being forced to do so;
The head coach is responsible for educating the audience about music theory?
Is it possible that your Xianyu commentator can perform a chest-breaking performance in the live broadcast room?
All right.
Netizens from all continents are busy watching the live broadcasts from their own continent, and few people will ignore the live broadcasts from their own continent and watch the live broadcasts from other continents. This leads to the fact that everyone does not understand the situation.
Swish, swish, swish!
All of a sudden.
What Qizhou, what Chuzhou, what Yanzhou, what Hanzhou, what Zhaozhou, what Weizhou.
Not convinced!
Except for Central Continent, which has not yet been connected to the merger, people from other continents came to confront the Qin people.
Too many people!
Qinzhou netizens are no match!
/However, Qinzhou netizens were not panicked or timid at all.
Many people in Qin directly posted Xianyu’s explanation video for netizens from all over the world to watch for themselves.
Dare you release the video?
Of course, netizens from all over the world were still dissatisfied. A bunch of people clicked to watch it and even thought about how to spray it.
Don’t think that because Xianyu is my idol, I won’t dare to complain.
There were no idols before the continent!
That’s it?
Nothing remarkable.
It’s similar to our continent’s live broadcast. It’s nothing more than chatting and talking nonsense with the audience, and there’s no humor in the commentary by our continent’s head coach.
Is Xianyu going to comment on the players?
I want to see what you do
Click on your sister!
Damn it!
What the hell is this!
The faces of netizens from all over the world gradually changed!
And when they saw that Xianyu could even demonstrate Su Juan’s high-pitched passages to the audience effortlessly, everyone was shocked!
/The five thunders struck directly!
Qizhou netizen: “???????”
Chuzhou netizen: “What kind of monster is this guy?”
Yanzhou netizen: “Kneel down to the boss and sit in the live broadcast room to beat the players?”
Korean netizen: “This person is going to participate in the competition. Is there any way for other players to survive!?”
Netizen Zhaozhou: “If you don’t agree, you can have a performance, and you can even give a professional performance on musical instruments!?”
Weizhou netizen: “Where is the real king?”
All continents were dumbfounded!
Someone screamed directly in front of the computer!
Those players who were almost invincible in everyone’s minds during the day were actually beaten by Xianyu who was sitting in the live broadcast room.
That’s right, seconds!
The kind that kills instantly!
How can you be a commentator? You are clearly ruining the show!
Those players will probably go crazy if the