o take the guest’s place, old devil.”

Lin Fengxian glanced at Lu Bei, who looked like a passer-by, and smiled coldly: “I’m not afraid to tell you that today is not about arresting you, but about training you. Your orb is favored by a noble person, and Lin is also acting under orders.”
The old monster from Longquan was horrified: “The blood beads contain my soul, you guys want me to die!”
“That’s right, what I want is your life.”
Lin Fengxian looked intently at the blood beads embedded in the demonic dragon’s reverse scales, waved his hands, and spread out eight golden flames. While stabilizing the formation, he also accelerated the refining of the stinky poisonous dragon.
Looking at the heated scene, Lu Bei secretly shook his head.
The noble person who can make the chief steward of the Huangji Sect obey orders is most likely an elder of the Huangji Sect. If he is braver, he might be Lin Fengxian’s adoptive father.
The heads are no longer available.
Lin Fengxian is not an unintelligent person. If he takes any action, such as forcibly killing the old monster Longquan, it will definitely arouse the suspicion of the other party. He finally throws the blame to the old monster Longquan and cannot let the other party’s sacrifice be in vain.
Thinking of this, Lu Bei flashed, jumped into the air and sped away.
Seeing this scene, Lin Fengxian ordered the stewards to make a quick decision to prevent long nights and many dreams, such as Xuanyin Division causing trouble, and the demon dragon must be refined within half an hour.
However, deep in the earth’s veins, there is another black ball that escapes far away
Lu Beiren lay down and flew in mid-air, lamenting that today’s bad luck was not good, with happiness written on his face.
It is true that although he succeeded in getting back the treasure left by Mo Buxiu, he still succeeded in framing the blame in his busy schedule, avoiding the trouble of Huang Ji Sect forcing a fate.
/Millions of experience can only be watched but not earned, and the sadness is comparable to being unable to cut leeks.
“Speaking of leeks, we have to find a way to stop losses from them.”
Lu Bei touched his chin and considered implementing a membership system in the Yuhua Sect. Players would apply for membership cards and enjoy points settlement discounts, and all benefits would be the same as those of the outer sect disciples.
As evidenced by history, this method of squandering money is certainly a scam, but players are such characters, they don’t care about being scammed, they just like the mystery.
“No, it won’t work. Players now don’t have spare money, and there’s no point in earning copper coins. After two versions, when they develop and can buy the mountain gate to create a sect, it won’t be too late to promote the membership system.”
“It’s like a blind box. It’s not profitable to launch it now.”
After thinking about several plans, Lu Bei found that the current players were almost useless except for refining elixirs, let alone stopping his los