or tooth, and it’s more ruthless than Lingkong. It poached six big-name cartoonists in one move. This What qualifications do the lower tribes have to compete with the Alliance? They don’t have a monster of Shadow’s level to back them up!”

“How much money did the alliance spend?”
“The Alliance has definitely spent a lot of money, but I have to say that from now on, the comics world will be completely dominated by the Alliance.”
Comics world.
Things have changed!
This day will come sooner or later.
But no one thought that this day would come so quickly.
The centipede is dead but not stiff, and the tribal cartoonist has a great career. Even if he is caused by the alliance to die slowly, he will not die in a year and a half.
It just so happened that something like this happened.
But at the moment when there is a huge earthquake in the comics industry, the readers of Tang Yi and the other seven leading cartoonists in the tribe are not happy!
The fist is hard!
As long as your two websites compete commercially, why should we, our readers, be involved?
The comic I have been chasing for so long suddenly became eunuch
Who would be happy?
The total number of readers of the six big-name cartoonists is definitely a terrifying base, otherwise the betrayal of these six people would not have seriously damaged the vitality of the tribe!
All comic-related forums are exploding, with countless readers jumping:
“Your uncle, it’s too much!”
“I asked why Mad Sword stopped updating for a month. It turned out that I was planning to join the Alliance. What should I do with this comic?”
“Is this just a eunuch?”
“I was chasing Kuangjian, Cuncaoxin and Dragon King’s works on the tribe at the same time. As a result, these three people ran away to the alliance at the same time, and my mentality suddenly collapsed!”
“What do you mean, I’m chasing four movies!”
“You all get out of the way. My pain is greater than all of yours. The comics labor and management of these six people are chasing after them. Now these six people have entered the palace at the same time as the general manager. The labor and management have been chasing these six works recently. My whole body has been cut off, and there are no more comics to read!”
“Pfft, yes, you are the worst!”
“All the places in the palace were filled up by them at once!”
For a while.
The comment sections of six famous cartoonists are filled with dissatisfaction from readers!
Some extreme readers even cursed loudly, unable to accept that the work they were following suddenly became an eunuch.
at this time.
Some readers discovered that these six cartoonists had their accounts canceled directly on the tribe.
Also normal.
After stabbing the tribe in the back, it will be difficult for these six people to continue to hang out in the tribe in the future, and it is impossible for the tribe to let them manage fans on their own platform.
Immediately afterwards.
/Each of these six people got an officially certified account of the blog, and they all followed one