u himself knows this question, or maybe he really just randomly filled in the ending number that fits the rhyme?

Life is filled with numbers, why bother sticking to your appearance?
When the song falls.
There was applause from the audience!
Whether you understand it or not, this song was loved by everyone!
In fact, we like so many songs, even foreign music whose language we don’t understand at all, so how can we understand them?
The host adjusted his breathing, as if there was insufficient oxygen.
Some viewers noticed this scene and immediately smiled knowingly.
Good guy.
The host sang until he was out of oxygen.
“Please give the judges their marks.”
After adjusting his breathing, the host did not forget his responsibilities.
This is not a variety show. The scores of the contestants are equivalent to professional evaluations.
/So what score will Sun Yaohuo get?
Swish, swish, swish.
The continents stared closely at the referee.
next moment.
Someone exclaimed!
Sun Yaohuo actually scored 95.9 points!
/This is the highest score in the first round of the young men’s pop group!
The first round scores are out!
The Qinzhou live broadcast room was in a state of excitement!
“I’m going to cry!”
“Sun Yaohuo holds on!”
“I almost thought our Qinzhou project was going to be lost!”
“You can always trust Yu Dynasty!”
“Before, I always thought that everyone in the Yu Dynasty except Jiang Kui were younger brothers. I didn’t expect that everyone in the Yu Dynasty has special skills. They are all good!”
“The Fish Dynasty is our dream team in Qinzhou!”
“I’m sorry to Mr. Yu. I actually questioned whether all the members of the Yu Dynasty were included in the Blue Music Club’s roster. Please admit your mistake to Mr. Yu!”
“Apology +1!”
“Apology +2!”
“Apologise +9527!”
The barrage in Qinzhou’s live broadcast room was almost filled with apology!
Even if some people don’t express doubts, they still have some thoughts about the inclusion of all members of the Yu Dynasty on the roster.
And Yu Dynasty’s performance since the game completely broke all doubts!
No one even mentioned Wei Yuanyun’s poor performance. There were six people in the Yu Dynasty, and five of them all performed extremely well. Why bother bothering about Wei Yuanyun’s failure in the game?
The two commentators wanted to hold each other’s hands and cry on the spot, their voices hoarse: “How can anyone from Yu Dynasty be so powerful!?
The female anchor next to her was speechless.
There was even more unwilling wailing in the live broadcast room!
“How did Xianyu gather this group of people?”
“Who is this Sun Yaohuo? He can sing so well!”
“There are a total of six members of the Fish Dynasty, and three of them won the gold medal!?”
“Stop talking about fish, I shudder when I hear the word fish now!”
“I got some information about Xianyu. Your disease is very popular in the Qinzhou music scene. Its scientific name is ichthyophobia.”
“God is so fishophobic!”
“Is this an epidemic in Qinzhou?”
“Brothers, don’t panic!”