in my heart:

Is this a celebrity guest invited by the program team?
This is arranged by the program team.
And just when this speculation emerged in everyone’s hearts.
A group of people suddenly appeared on the other side, accompanied by an arrogant voice:
“Capture her and make her the wife of my Black Wind Village. We will get married in five days!”
Good guy.
With a plot?
Have you even thought about your wedding day?
Accompanied by the victim’s terrified screams, a group of big men dressed as bandits grabbed the beauty.
/“Do you want a hero to save the beauty?”
Chen Zhiyu muttered, not knowing the intention of the program team.
A figure appeared.
This man was dressed very coquettishly, and he showed up with a lot of pressure, like a handsome young man from ancient times. He couldn’t see his face clearly, and all he could hear was that he shouted loudly to the bandits:
“Let that girl go!”
Several girls from Yu Dynasty suddenly became nymphomaniacs, even though their performances were very exaggerated:
“So handsome!”
However, the man’s next words made Sun Yaohuo and others burst into laughter. The slutty man added in a mean tone: “Let me do it!”
“So obscene!”
Several girls rolled their eyes, and the unfamiliar young man in white suddenly lost his personality.
The young man in white rushed towards the group of bandits, as if he wanted to show off his power, but before they could reach them, he tripped and fell to the ground.
Face down.
Everyone in the Yu Dynasty laughed wildly again.
“kill him!”
The bandit leader curled his lips: “Silly.”
The dogleg next to the bandit said: “Creditors, it is not a good place to stay for a long time, and it is not a good place to see blood. There are experts on Wudang Mountain, so we must not disturb them.”
“That makes sense.”
The bandit leader took the captured girl: “Let’s go!”
A group of people left with a crash.
The fallen young hero stood up and looked at everyone in the Yu Dynasty, complaining: “You are inhumane. Seeing a beautiful woman being kidnapped, you don’t dare to draw your sword to help. Now no one helps me, a young hero. ”
“It is you!”
“No wonder it’s so wretched!”
“Still so talkative!”
“Aren’t you Spider-Man?”
“How come you can’t even defeat a group of bandits?”
“It’s so simple and ridiculous.”
“Spit your spider silk!”
When everyone came forward to take a look, they immediately recognized each other and laughed non-stop.
That’s right.
This young man in white is clearly dressed in simple clothes.
He is the guest on this show.
A hero saves a beauty?
Is there an expert in Wudang?
Perhaps the mission of this program is already obvious.
This time everyone is doing group activities.
“Look at that simple, awesome one.”
Xia Fan smiled the most happily.
Because she has been close to Jian Yi and Lin Yuan since childhood.
However, neither Xia Fan nor Lin Yuan knew in advance that they would be guests at this simple meeting.
Jian Jian had already stood up, pretending to hold his fists towards e