the local Spring Festival Galas in various continents are just copycat versions.

Now the reputation and effect of Qinzhou’s promotional video are stronger than those of Zhongzhou. It looks like the genuine product has been copied by a copycat version.
This side of Zhongzhou.
Zhuang Xian, the boss of the Spring Festival Gala directing team, got angry and fired directly in the conference room: “What does the Propaganda Department do for food?”
/The person in charge of the Spring Festival Gala Propaganda Department was disgraced and secretly cursed in his heart:
‘When labor and management showed you the finished product, you nodded in person and praised us for capturing the momentum of Zhongzhou. ‘
Of course it is impossible to really say this.
Not only did he have to take the blame, but he also wanted to comfort the great director of the Spring Festival Gala: “Don’t be impatient, it’s just a promotional video. What really determines the ratings of the Spring Festival Gala is the stage specifications and the quality of the program. The most important thing is that this year’s turn We are hosting a Spring Festival Gala in Central Continent.”
“I don’t want us to fall behind the local Spring Festival Gala at any point!”
Zhuang Xian’s voice was still angry, because Qinzhou’s promotional video was designed by Xianyu. A guy who quit the Zhongzhou Spring Festival Gala actually helped Qinzhou make such a good promotional video!
Relaxed a bit.
Zhuang Xian asked again: “How are the preparations for the Spring Festival Gala in other continents now?”
“It’s definitely not as good as us.”
Chang An, one of the assistant directors, quickly said: “Although the Spring Festival Gala stages in various continents have been upgraded compared to previous years, they are still not enough to watch compared to our Spring Festival Gala. Among them, Qinzhou, Chuzhou and Wei Continent has done a good job of keeping it secret. I don’t know exactly what they did, but I think it’s pretty much the same as other continents.”
Zhuang Xian nodded.
In fact, he is not worried about the effect of the Spring Festival Gala in various continents.
As Zhongzhou, as the organizer of this Blue Star Spring Festival Gala, what he thinks about is never how to win, but how much he can win.
This is definitely not conceited, but a common sense understanding. There is really no example of Blue Star being beaten down by the local government during the Spring Festival Gala.
Sponsorship levels!
Stage specs!
Beautiful dance effect!
Special effects level!
Guest lineup!
Program quality!
The most important elements of the Spring Festival Gala, Zhongzhou has already filled them all, but they just don’t want to leave any room for competitors!
Promotional videos have been released in various continents, which also means that the Spring Festival Gala is approaching and has quietly taken another step forward.
one day.
Two days.
Three days.
In November, all continents are becoming more and more focused on preparations for t