the Harry Potter series in the first place?”

A famous internet celebrity’s latest news: “My mentality is broken!”
Influence spreads.
In the face of Sirius’s death, all news loses its meaning!
Within a very short period of time.
The news is overwhelming!
I don’t know how many media practitioners woke up from their sleep and issued urgent press releases with cold sweat on their heads!
“Public resentment is boiling!” 》
“Something big happened to Chu Kuang!” 》
“Sirius Has Fallen!” 》
“After Cedric, the Harry Potter series comes again!” 》
“Readers cry: Cedric, I have endured it, how can Sirius endure it!” ? 》
“The death of Sirius, the most popular character in the Harry Potter series, caused readers to cry stormily!” 》
“Old thief Chu Kuang completes a double kill!” 》
That’s right.
Encirclement and suppression.
Many readers don’t actually have blog accounts, but because of Sirius’s death, they have temporarily registered accounts!
This caused Chu Kuang’s comment section to fall into disarray quickly!
Sirius’s death has a shock to readers almost several times that of Cedric’s death!
Because Cedric is only a temporary description, the bond with Harry Potter is actually not deep.
Sirius is Harry Potter’s only relative. As the protagonist’s godfather, he has been silently helping him and devoting himself completely without reservation. The years of imprisonment in Azkaban have never been able to erase his character. !
It’s called “The Godfather.”
In fact, readers have already mistaken him for Harry’s father!
Harry himself loves the other person deeply and regards him as the most important person!
at this time.
The official account of Yinlan Library posted a news:
“You can see the Thestral when you witness death; you can cast spells by focusing enough; you can summon the guardian of gods by recalling happiness; you can’t be possessed by monsters by experiencing happiness; every great wizard has clumsily raised his wand, and the rule of all heroic names The rules are not nailed down on the wall. When the secret door of the Order of the Phoenix opens, the Muggles have no idea. This winter, the adolescent boy at Hogwarts is experiencing the loneliness after the storm. He will understand in the dust that all the experiences he has experienced It’s all wealth.”
“We know how upset you are.”
“As we know how upset Harry is.”
“Harry Potter is no longer the child who can be carefree and enjoy Quidditch. This is the only way to grow up.”
Readers see:
Old thief Chu Kuang gave a thumbs up.
A like is okay.
This guy keeps peeking at the screen!
The comment section was blown up and I was still pretending to be dead, but a like revealed this fact. Readers from all over the world were confused for a while.
“What is this?”
“Are you feeling guilty?”
“You have the nerve to like it.”
“Isn’t it you who did this?”
“The publishing house came out to help wash the floor, but I didn’t dare to say anything.”
/“This old thi