yu, is out!”

Xia Fan was stunned for a moment, then jumped to his feet: “Chen Zhiyu, you clearly know that there is something wrong with the representative, why did you still fall for it!”
Chen Zhiyu:
He is a traitor, and Lin Yuan has made him unable to play.
Who is pretending to be a traitor?
As a result, before his mind could turn around for a moment, Lin Yuan unexpectedly formed an alliance with Jian Yi again!
“Jian Yi, let’s form an alliance!”
As expected, Xia Fan abandoned his pig teammate Chen Zhiyu and actually wanted to cooperate with Jian Yi!
Jian Yi laughed loudly: “So in the end, it’s the red team versus the blue team?”
Lin Yuan:
This is the ending he designed, so there is no big problem: “Sister Luck, you have to deal with Xia Fan.”
Wei Haoyun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “What’s going on?”
She has been confused!
She thought Lin Yuan was really a traitor, but she didn’t expect that Lin Yuan wanted to break the deadlock and separate Jian Yi and Sun Yaohuo.
He didn’t even expect
Lin Yuan just formed an alliance with Jian Yi again!
As a result, Chen Zhiyu had just been torn apart, and Jian Yi formed an alliance with Xia Fan again!
Everyone is so capricious!
Looks like a twenty-five-year-old boy!
But now the pattern is clear.
Xia Fan is a traitor.
Jian Jian is the good guy on the blue team.
Lin Yuan and Wei Yuanyun are good guys in the red team.
The traitor forms an alliance with the good guys from the blue team to deal with the two good guys from the red team.
/The advantage lies with the red team.
This is indeed the case.
Zhao Yingchun is a scheming bitch, pretending to be stupid from beginning to end, but in fact she has seen through the essence of the game.
She managed to rip off Wei Luck.
It’s a pity that Lin Yuan also successfully tore off Jian Yi.
Lin Yuan and Zhao Yingchrome duel.
Zhao Yingchrome lay directly on the ground.
Lin Yuan refused to accept this trick, and directly picked up Zhao Yingchrome in the form of a princess hug, and tore off Zhao Yingchrome’s name tag:
Lin Yuan won!
The red team wins!
Zhao Yingke’s cheeks were flushed, and she was immediately moved by Lin Yuan’s hug. She felt happy, as if she had won.
Looking back at the whole brand-breaking battle from a God’s perspective, Tong Shuwen couldn’t stop laughing: “This game is more fun than the previous one.”
“Teacher Xianyu’s personal show.”
Zhu Lei was also laughing: “He framed Jian Jian as a traitor, causing Sun Yaohuo to never completely trust Jian Jian, which caused instability within the blue team. And in front of Sun Yaohuo, he deliberately left his back to Chen Zhiyu. He was gambling that even if Chen Zhiyu He is a traitor, but he doesn’t dare to reveal his identity so early, because once he is exposed, Zhao Yingchrome will also be exposed, and then the traitor will have no chance to win.”
“The worst part is that he pretended to be a traitor!”
“Zhao Yingchrome, the real traitor, is very cooperative and wants to use his plan to his advantage!”