Everyone looked at Yang Zhongming.

Yang Zhongming’s expression was a rare moment of embarrassment: “I have been busy composing symphonies in the past few years.”
Everyone rolled their eyes.
You urge others to speak righteously, but why do you get in trouble yourself?
Yang Zhongming coughed lightly: “But there are still ten songs, and I can also be responsible for some of the instruments.”
All right.
Everyone believes that Yang Zhongming is telling the truth. His current pursuits are similar to those of the Zhongzhou people, and his eyes are on the highest art palace.
At this time.
A female bishop named Duan Min asked: “How to distribute these songs and arrange them directly to the singers according to their styles?”
Yang Zhongming said: “The singers on the final list can choose their favorite songs from the music library, and then the coach and the head coaches will help find out what needs to be adjusted. This is something at the strategic level. We will have a meeting to decide at that time. Charter.”
/The top nine head coaches had strange expressions.
Good guy!
They are so happy!
Qinzhou Qu’s dad, Quanqu’s dad and even the most top-notch songwriters came up with hundreds of songs for the singers to choose from!
What the hell is this concept!
That is, the Blue Song Club.
If it weren’t for the Blue Song Club, which singer would have such treatment?
With this kind of opportunity, no matter how awesome the singer is, he will go completely crazy!
“I want to be a singer.”
Lu Sheng lamented that since he became a music dad, he never thought that one day his songs would be chosen by singers.
It’s always Qu Daddy who chooses the singers.
Zheng Jing smiled and said, “After all, it’s for Qin Zhou.”
“that is.”
“There’s nothing we can do.”
“Let these singers have fun for once.”
“We can’t go on stage by ourselves and compete with others in singing.”
Everyone laughed.
Singing still depends on the singer!
At this time, Lin Yuan also echoed: “Bird food.”
You are indeed a der!
Do you have any say here? You just meddle in it!
Everyone almost forgot that Xianyu could really go on stage by himself and compete with that group of singers. I’m afraid those singers couldn’t compare to him.
Noticing that the eyes around him became strange, Lin Yuan felt a little innocent and didn’t know what he said wrong.
What he just said was just following the trend and maintaining formation.
End of meeting.
The whole place fell silent instantly!
None of the nine head coaches expected that this wave would involve blind auditions for the singers.
Dad Qu!
Accurate father!
The top songwriters in Qinzhou are all in this training center right now.
Each of them wrote more than one song.
There are certainly many masterpieces and even classic masterpieces among them!
And under the blind audition of singers, how embarrassing would it be if the songs of the nine major coaches are not as popular as the works of other music dads or even quasi-music dads?
This is why the scene fell silent.
next moment.