source of the universe nurtured by the Chaos Lotus!

Because Chaos Lotus has been cultivating in Xu Ying’s inner universe all year round, the speed at which the universe’s flood source matures has been greatly increased, so that the flood source has naturally opened up and formed a complete universe.
Chaos Lotus is also a magic weapon cultivator, so he regards this complete universe as the source of his magic power.
At this moment, the little girl raised the universe and mobilized the power in the universe. The mana fluctuated at this moment, and even the faces of the palace masters on the back of the chaotic creature suddenly changed.
They can also mobilize the avenues in the universe, but they can only mobilize the avenues they practice. Other avenues are difficult to mobilize because they have not been explored.
And this little girl who seems to be only three or five years old has actually mobilized all the avenues in the entire universe!
“If she knew how to mobilize the Tao power in all time and space in the past and future, she would be Yuanshi! Fortunately, she doesn’t understand!”
Among all the palace masters, the master of Yin Yang Palace, Yin Changzang, stretched out his hand, and the power of Yin Yang Dao exploded. The little girl transformed from Chaos Lotus groaned and flew out, unable to catch its power.
Yin Changzang was quite surprised that he could not kill her with one finger. He let out a light sigh and did not continue to attack.
Xu Ying stood there without moving, but Big Bell and Chaos Lotus had been expelled by these Dao Alliance Palace Masters one after another.
True Monarch Qingyun offered a piece of jade platform and threw it into the sea of ??chaos. Chaos creatures landed on the jade platform, and their figures suddenly changed. Within a moment, Hun Tunsheng appeared on the jade platform, turning his head to look at Xu Ying with a ferocious look.
With a smile on his face, Xu Ying nodded slightly to him and said, “Master of Huntun Hall, we meet again.”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “The Taoist League has never treated me badly. I learned a lot of Taoist methods in the Taoist League, and I have made rapid progress.”
/Hutunsheng said coldly: “Why do you still betray the Taoist Alliance?”
“Because the Tao is different.”
Xu Ying said sternly, “The Dao Alliance wants to destroy all universes in the sea of ??chaos, destroy all life, and open up the sea of ??chaos. It is different from my path. Since the Tao is different, it is reasonable to betray the Dao Alliance.”
Hutun said angrily: “You are a big shot. If you want to leave, just leave. Why did you kill the master of my Dao Alliance?”
Xu Ying sighed: “If they hadn’t come to kill me, I wouldn’t have fought back. In order to save my life, I must use all means.”
His heart moved slightly and he asked: “Which palace master is dead?”
After Hutunsheng died, True Lord Qingyun walked out and shouted angrily: “Yongle and Miaojian, two Taoist friends, were killed by your sword!”
/Xu Ying was shocked: “These two palace masters are dead?