ittle studio!

There is a group of painters who have not yet come out of the profession but have been developing silently for several years under the aura of master Lin Yuan!
And next.
These assistants are officially coming out!
Don’t talk about double opening!
So what if it’s three open, four open, or five open!
As long as Lin Yuan can keep up with the plot and storyboards!
Even if a few more holes are opened now, Lin Yuan can completely control the situation!
So for Lin Yuan, will the plot and storyboard be a problem?
Other cartoonists may have to think hard about these things, but in Lin Yuan’s head, these things are all ready-made!
Smiling slightly.
Lin Yuan watched Luo Wei mobilize everyone.
Kaneki received another call: “It’s from Tribe Comics.”
With that said, Kaneki went to the next room to answer the phone.
Lin Yuan watched Luo Wei communicating with the assistants and leaned against the door to listen for a while.
The exchange between Kaneki and the other party seemed very unpleasant.
Vaguely, Lin Yuan heard the man who was talking to Jin Mu roaring: “You can’t understand people, right? You, a third-rate agent, are not qualified to communicate with me. Before I curse, let your boss tell me !”
Jin Mu sighed, as if nothing had happened, and looked at Lin Yuan: “Boss, the new director of Tribe Comics wants to talk to you.”
Lin Yuan answered the phone: “I’m Shadow.”
/“Teacher Shadow, I am Ling Kong, the new director of tribal comics. I have some ideas about your new comics.”
Lin Yuan said calmly: “I decided to cancel the cooperation with Tribe Comics.”
The person on the other side was suddenly stunned.
Jin Mu next to him also changed his expression.
Luo Wei and the assistants looked at each other in shock.
What did the shadow teacher say?
Cancel the cooperation with Tribe Comics?
Lin Yuan’s tone remained calm:
“As for the current cooperation on this comic, we can terminate the contract.”
The voice on the other side calmed down: “You are very irritable now. We can find a place to sit down and have an interview. I respect you very much, and I hope you can respect me too.”
“I respect you very much.”
Lin Yuandao: “I hope you can also learn to respect the work “Kindaichi Boy’s Chronicle”, learn to respect the users of your website, and most importantly, you have to respect my agent.”
The other party was silent for a few seconds, and his voice became extremely low and depressed: “It is indeed a bit unpleasant, but I can apologize to him in person later. There is no need to say angry words like terminating the contract. If you leave Tribe Comics, you will have nowhere to go. This Our tribe has the final say in the market, but our website also needs talents like you. This is a win-win situation. Don’t let anger get the best of you and ruin your future.”
A step, a threat, grace and power, and thoughtfulness.
Jin Mu heard the voice on the phone and waved desperately to Lin Yuan.
“Oh, he said: I don’t accept your apology.”
Lin Yuan