After dinner, everyone went back to their homes.
After sitting in the bedroom at home for a while, Lin Yuan suddenly remembered something:
Senior Yaohuo’s mission to become the King of Singers has been completed for some time, won’t the system reward a gold treasure chest?
Why haven’t you received it yet?
/Is this system trying to default on its debt?
Lin Yuan immediately called up the system and asked.
The system explained: “Because the music festival has not started yet, the official honors have not been issued yet.”
It turns out that this is the reason, which makes sense.
Anyway, time is almost here.
Now December has arrived.
The old year is about to pass and the new one is about to begin.
The music festival should officially distribute rewards early next year, usually in January.
At that time, not only the winner of the King of Singer and Queen of Singer awards will be announced, but also Lin Yuan’s music-related awards will be presented.
He has decided to take a trip.
After all, this is a music festival, and winning the title of Qudad is an important moment in his life.
I didn’t continue to dwell on this matter.
Lin Yuan lay on the bed and continued playing with his mobile phone.
The Internet has been full of news recently. Wuzhou’s twelve consecutive championships have been talked about by countless netizens:
“Father Fish has won the championship for the 12th time in a row!”
“There was still suspense a few days ago, but now more than a week has passed since December, and there are still no changes, which means that the matter is already a certainty.”
“Really perverted!”
“I still remember that when Xianyu just announced that he was going to win the 12th consecutive championship, many people were not optimistic about it. However, he overcame all difficulties and won this honor. He has done so at a pace that has never been seen before or will be followed by others. Now the five continents have merged, and in the future there will be six continents. Seven and even eight continents, especially the Blue Star merger of the eight continents, who can win twelve consecutive championships at that time? This thing will become increasingly difficult as time goes by, unless the top music dads take action , but the shooting frequency of those few is very low, how many normal Qu dads can be as productive as Xianyu?”
“What do you think Xianyu’s current ranking is?”
“If it’s a ranking of contemporary music dads, the top fifty should be fine, right?”
“It’s hard to say. Most of the rankings of top songwriters are based on their performance in the five major concert halls. Xianyu is too young now and has only performed once in the five major concert halls.”
Qu dad ranking?
When Lin Yuan saw this topic, his heart moved.
He is not concerned about his own ranking, but is thinking about the concept of Qu Dad.
Blue Star’s concept of qu dad has been around for hundreds of years. During these hundreds of years, the Blue Star Literary and Art Association has officially awarded nearly 800 qu dads