hackles of language.”

“Chuyu rarely wins season championships, and the occasional success is an exception. Most of the time, Mandarin songs are more popular on the season charts.”
The public is right.
My mother-in-law said that she was right.
/In fact, those who think that English songs are lost in the minority are mainly Koreans.
/After losing to Xianyu, even if the Han people were convinced in their hearts, they still wanted to make some excuses.
Under normal circumstances, arguments about this kind of thing would be fruitless.
Unless “Kiss Goodbye” is also an English song.
But obviously, “Kiss Goodbye” is a Mandarin song.
So even if this matter is fought until the end of the month, it is destined to be an unjust case.
It is precisely because of this that the Koreans have taken advantage of the fact that English is a niche dialect in Blue Star.
Just when the argument between the two sides reached its climax!
That’s February 4th!
Xingmang suddenly announced an official message:
“Xianyu composed the English song “take me to your heart” for the first time, and it will be released at 8 o’clock tonight!”
End all arguments!
Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan and Han, netizens from all five continents were dumbfounded!
Xianyu actually wrote an English song?
And it will be officially released at eight o’clock tonight?
Is he trying to use English songs to respond to online debates?
After a while, Qin Qi Chuyan’s netizens all came to their senses!
“Damn it, Fish Daddy wrote an English song!?”
“Is it still Yu Daddy himself who writes the lyrics?”
“Does he still understand English?”
“Isn’t Fish Daddy trying to win over the Koreans again with this English song?”
“Isn’t it too risky?”
“English songs are what Koreans are best at!”
“Let Xianyu compete with Koreans in English songs. I’m afraid this is a scene that Koreans only dream of seeing, right?”
“Father Fish seems to be a little over the top this time!”
Curiosity, surprise, even shock!
No one is sure what will happen if Xianyu writes English songs.
Compared to Qin Qi and Chu Yan, the Korean people were frightened and angry, accompanied by bursts of excitement, and their moods were extremely complicated!
“Xianyu wrote an English song?”
“Brothers, here’s your chance for revenge!”
“We can’t compare to “Kiss Goodbye”, but if Xianyu competes with us in English songs, we’re not afraid!”
“What we Koreans are best at is singing in English!”
“Who the hell said Chu Kuang was arrogant and arrogant, while Xianyu is gentle and low-key? This Xianyu is obviously more arrogant than Chu Kuang!”
“This fish is so arrogant!”
“He thinks he can write English songs if he knows some English?”
“We accept losing to Mandarin songs, but Xianyu wants to win us with English songs, dream on!”
It’s okay for this person to beat us in the field he is best at.
He is still not satisfied and wants to use English songs to beat our Korean music again?
Maybe this would be more interesting?
Isn’t he afraid of being backlashed by his pride?
Why should he!
How dare he