“Is this his answer sheet for June?”
“This is close to a perfect score!”
“The syncopation is superb!”
“The polyphonic design is unparalleled!”
“The emphasis is obviously on the chords!”
“You haven’t read Sherlock Holmes. If you have read the novel, you will have a higher appreciation of the lyrics. Some of the lyrics of this song use the lens comparison technique of the movie. I can’t think of anyone else who can write such lyrics. After all, Not everyone understands both music and movies like he does.”
“Singing technique is also key!”
“This is what I want to say. The singing method he used this time is very special. I have never heard him or other Blue Star singers sing like this before. Maybe this song can only show its specialness with this singing method. The taste comes.”
“But there’s a big problem with the song.”
“Well, this problem is probably a regret that all singers cannot avoid.”
“The threshold for appreciation has been raised.”
“The increasing difficulty of song creation is likely to lead to a disguised increase in the song’s popularity. Xianyu’s previous pop songs have attached great importance to popularity, but for this song he chose a dark and suspenseful style. Under such circumstances, this song The song can easily lead to a lack of interest in the song among non-fans.”
People in the music industry also discovered the problem.
In the final analysis, it is still a problem that everyone has been worried about before:
If you create a song with Sherlock Holmes as the theme, Sherlock Holmes fans will be the main audience, but people who have not read the novel will inevitably have certain limitations in accepting the song.
Even though Xianyu has done very well!
Even though Xianyu has taken into account the tastes of both sides on a large scale!
But some fundamental problems are still inevitable.
This is evident from the somewhat puzzled voices in the comments.
After all, there is still no way to perfectly cater for everyone.
This is not a problem with Xianyu. No composer can perfectly balance these two groups of people. After all, Sherlock Holmes’s painting style is indeed suspenseful with a bit of darkness.
In fact.
Lin Yuan also knew this problem.
This song is not as good as “Confession Balloon”.
But Lin Yuan still has confidence in this song!
Because there are always some songs that can change the value of music being mainly about singing.
There are always some songs that don’t need anyone to sing. Even if you just lie quietly on the playlist, you can feel its abyss-like gaze.
The most critical point is:
The situations on Blue Star and Earth are different!
What are the specific differences?
/Let’s first use very simple data to illustrate the problem.
It was one o’clock in the morning.
The June season rankings have finally been refreshed.
Its data directly surpassed the second, third, fourth and fifth places by a large margin!
And the songs ranked second, third, fourth and fifth just correspond to the four music dads who released songs at the same time!