od as his achievements in composing. He is a little songwriter in the composing circle, but among the new screenwriters in the film and television industry, Xianyu’s ability is definitely one of the best!”

As for Xianyu’s success this time.
What shocked the industry was actually not the box office data of “Hachi”.
Under normal circumstances, the final box office of this movie is estimated to be around one billion, which is better than Xianyu’s previous movie.
But this is box office data that many movies can achieve.
After the merger of various continents, many movies have exceeded 10 billion in box office.
The really great thing about Xianyu is that the cost of “Hachiko” is so low!
And don’t forget.
This “Hachi” is a serious drama!
In the film market, feature films have never been a high-grossing genre, but being able to make such a film with both word-of-mouth and box office success is very worthy of recognition in itself.
Lin Yuan himself is also satisfied with the box office performance of “Hachi”.
Although he doesn’t know enough about the current market model, Lin Yuan is still very clear about how difficult it is for feature films to win box office.
In Lin Yuan’s original expectation, as long as the box office of this movie is on par with “The Tuner”, it will be considered a good result.
Unexpectedly, the box office of this movie will probably surpass “The Tuner”.
This can be considered an unexpected surprise.
“Next, it’s time to record new songs for December.”
Although he is still paying attention to the box office trend of “Hachi”, Lin Yuan has not forgotten about the Battle of the Gods in December.
He finally contacted Jiang Kui to prepare for the recording of the song.
Jiang Kui rushed to the recording studio as soon as he received the news.
“Teacher Xianyu”
“Here’s the song, you should get familiar with it first.”
Lin Yuan took out the music score of “May People Live Longer”.
Originally, Lin Yuan did have a plan to change the title of the song to “When Will the Bright Moon Come?”
But recently, Lin Yuan thought carefully and decided to use the original name of the song.
Because the words “When will the bright moon come” are not as intuitive as the emotion expressed by “I hope people will last forever”.
The meaning of the latter is indeed better.
You must know that the most recognized famous line in “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” is “I hope people will live forever, and we can share the beauty of the moon thousands of miles apart.”
“May I live forever?”
Jiang Kui got the score and saw the title of the song at a glance.
But what really stunned her were the lyrics of “May I Live Longer”!
“Teacher Xianyu, these lyrics”
“Is there a problem?”
“No, I want to say”
/Jiang Kui actually has pretty good literary qualities.
The moment she saw the lyrics, countless gorgeous descriptions appeared in her mind, but in the end, what she blurted out were four words that couldn’t be more vulgar:
“Too cheesy!”
Lin Yuan:
/There seems to be nothing wrong with what he said.
“Let’s try it.” Lin Yuan s