e most popular among the crowd.”

Two simple lyrics.
A clearly calm singing voice.
But it seems to tear everything apart.
Everyone’s expressions changed, and everyone could hear the smile that couldn’t be hidden in Lin Yuan’s singing.
Some viewers were angry!
Fans are also angry!
What are you laughing at?
What qualifications do you have to laugh!
People are crying but you are still laughing!
Is this funny to you?
At this moment, Yang Zhongming suddenly showed a smile in front of countless cameras, an unabashed smile.
A simple and direct smile.
Why did Yang Zhongming laugh too?
Everyone who saw this scene was stunned. In such a sad atmosphere, no one knew why Yang Zhongming was laughing, just like everyone didn’t understand why King Lanling was laughing.
Yang Zhongming stared at King Lanling.
You really don’t “don’t care”.
Go ahead and respond!
Go discover the truth!
Yang Zhongming’s smile suddenly faded.
Lin Yuan’s laughter also subsided at the same time.
This time, there was a hint of mockery in his voice, as if he was provoking the world.
But actually.
He was not mocking anyone, nor was he provoking anyone.
He just laughed at himself:
“Who doesn’t covet to stand center stage.”
“The halo only shines for me.”
“Who cares what you think after the show is over?”
“Who cares what you do?”
The barrage was cursing.
Some viewers frowned.
Lin Yuan didn’t see it.
But he seemed to hear it.
He shook his head slightly. In fact, he wanted to ask the goddess of revenge again at this moment:
A huge grievance?
Why are you crying?
Lin Yuan didn’t understand, but he seemed to understand somewhat, so he didn’t ask again, and there was no need to ask again:
“Exaggeration is not a sin.”
“It can satisfy an empty and boring life.”
“The prying eyes and the talking mouth.”
“Entertainment after every meal.”
The tone rises!
Lin Yuan looked at the slightly changing faces in the audience and seemed to be asking:
“Should we exaggerated it?”
“There is no sense of right or wrong or truth or falsehood.”
“Compared with luxury packaging and worth!”
“Who tells the truth?”
Swish, brush, brush!
When this chorus appeared, the lyrics were displayed on the big screen word by word, and King Lanling’s singing seemed to be raging!
Every face!
Suddenly stagnant!
Someone is confused.
Some people’s eyes started to turn red.
Every detail since the game flashed before Lin Yuan’s eyes, but his memory was fixed on the army of fans before entering the venue, and the support card that had been stepped on countless footprints.
And the girl with red eyes, silently wiping her support sign.
His doubts suddenly turned into affirmations, and then from affirmations to determination!
“Who tells the truth!”
/“As long as the picture is surprising enough!”
“As long as the content is explosive enough!
“A mouth opened up smallpox!”
“Laughing and cursing!”
“You can only tell the truth secretly in front of the mirror at night”
Ask no more!
Just a statement!
Countless mouths turn into gold!
Who cares a