e heard the intro that this song was probably a new song, otherwise she would not have been unimpressed!

The title of the song appeared on the big screen on the stage, triggering countless screams from the audience!
The couples in the audience cuddled up to each other!
The name of this song is: “Confession Balloon”!
New song, new song again!
Music meal.
Lin Yuan’s voice rang:
“Coffee on the Left Bank of the Seine
I’ll taste your beauty with a cup in my hand
Mouth that leaves a lip mark
Who wrote the wrong name of the rose in the florist shop?
The confession balloon blew across the street
Smiles fly in the sky”
listen well!
It’s also a new song. The previous one was sad and helpless, but this one is sweet and happy. What they have in common is the same ear-catching song!
In singing.
Colorful balloons suddenly rose from the scene!
This song was prepared in advance, so Tong Shuwen conducted it in a timely manner.
The whole crowd screamed!
Romantic and sweet scene!
The appearance of this song directly diluted the sad atmosphere left by the previous song and brought everyone back to the peak of emotion!
“What a nice view!”
Zheng Jing was a little distracted: “Where is the Seine River?”
Yin Dong said expressionlessly: “Zhao Zhou.”
“Where are the fallen leaves on the Champs?”
“Also in Zhaozhou.”
Wu Long smiled and said, “Yin Dong is very good at geography knowledge. I have to say that this song is really suitable for the occasion!”
“That’s right!”
Ye Zhiqiu also grinned and said: “He is really well prepared for this concert!”
Yang Zhongming’s eyes exuded a hint of warmth:
“Another classic pop number, maybe this will be the song at the couple’s wedding, it should be interesting to see next month’s season charts.”
on the stage.
Lin Yuan is singing.
Lin Yuan would not sing this kind of sweet love song with a straight face.
He seemed to have entered the perspective of a lover, his voice was slightly lowered, with a hint of playfulness and tenderness:
“You said you’re a bit difficult to chase.
Want me to quit before the difficulties
Don’t choose the most expensive gift
Just the fallen leaves of the Champs Elysees
Create a romantic date
Not afraid to mess up everything
If I have you, I have the whole world~”
Zhou Meng looked up at the balloons in the sky, listened to Xianyu’s singing, and rested his head on her boyfriend’s shoulder.
on site.
Many couples have done similar things.
The lyrics of this song are not showy, they just talk about some little things between lovers.
In conjunction with the lyrics and melody, all the sweet memories of love flash through the minds of the couple.
This song evokes the best memories of couples.
With a sweet smell.
On the four sides of the stage, it seems that not only balloons are rising, but also countless pink bubbles!
This is a sweet critical hit!
“My dear, I fell in love with you from that day on.
Sweet and easy
/My dear, don’t be willful
Your eyes say I do”
When Lin Yuan sang this line of lyrics, the corners of h