came here in person, he would have recognized his relatives a long time ago.

If Wang Dao doesn’t come today, he will definitely be beaten by Lao Wang and his wife.
“I” Wang Dao’s face was stiff and his smile was unnatural. He wanted to say that he was really unprepared, but after understanding it clearly, what else could he say?
“Good boy!” He hugged his father and son, and then took Ruonan’s hand. His mood also changed, and his state of mind was seriously damaged.
“You have to work hard, you have to rise up. If you continue like this, you will really become a puddle of mud.” He reflected on himself, and then pulled Wang Xuan, insisting that he go and loot the Zhensheng’s backyard again, and for the Fuzhou Pure Land lineage Ancestors who have disappeared seek an explanation.
“It’s a thief again. Isn’t it really because of the courage of a bear’s heart and a leopard’s courage? In the last era, some people were so reckless, but this time someone dared to enter the more important Creation Garden.”
“Last time it was probably the remnant spirit of the True Saint who split it open with an axe.”
“This time someone was grabbing openly. We blocked them and they didn’t run away, but we are no match!”
The so-called true saint’s backyard, those gardens of creation, all belong to the ancient and modern rivals, the magicians. Wang Xuan knew it in the last century.
Now, the magician’s close disciple, Zhao Hui, is here in person. He has become a strange person. Back then, he had a tit-for-tat confrontation with Wang Xuan, but now that he arrived, he was immediately shocked when he saw Wang Dao.
“Elder brother, something happened, come quickly!” He quickly called for reinforcements.
/This time, not only the chief disciple of the sect came day and night, but also the magician’s real body was alerted and came here in person.
The magician’s expression changed on the spot. Not only did he see Wang Dao and others, he also saw Wang Xuan strolling out of the deepest part of the secret garden.
“He” had targeted Wang Xuan’s Chaohui, and his scalp suddenly went numb. Naturally, he already knew that this “old friend” was already a new saint.
However, what he didn’t expect was that his master actually walked over, his posture was too low, and whispered: “I have seen the true king.”
The magician was very powerful. He once followed the Old Saint on an expedition. When he was on the other side, Wang Xuan weighed the ancestors. The magician was also present and was given a special beating. How could he not know the terror of the person in front of him?
The magician also has people who are close to him in the old saint, and he later learned that the mysterious true king of Source No. 1 is Wang Xuan!
In fact, since he surrendered the true insect-shaped queen more than five hundred years ago, Wang Xuan has not deliberately concealed the words of Heitian and King Yu, because when the six sources merge into one, he will be exposed, and time will not pass. Far away.
Therefore, many people know that he is the true king.
“True King?!” Zhao