pper limit of ordinary masters and humans. However, Liu Changan was able to withstand it. Of course she was not an amateur like Ma Benwei. She could see Liu Changan actually came out with ease!

“Please support me and give me a rocket!” Liu Changan stood beside Ma Benwei and said sincerely towards the camera.
Pu Shougeng was furious. He felt that with the fighting spirit, Mrs. Karnstein’s medicine was more effective, and he was more likely to have emotional fluctuations. He jumped up and punched Liu Changan.
“It’s done! It’s done! Thank you for Longwei’s splitting sky, dominating the sky, flashing phantom, and killing this netizen’s rocket!” Ma Benwei said in surprise, and then his face turned pale, because Pu Shougeng’s figure was already close at hand, and that majestic body The force and momentum made Ma Benwei, who was squatting in the corner, so frightened that he backed away repeatedly.
“This fist is called Longwei.”
Liu Changan punched out, and with the sound of his punch, it landed on Pu Shougeng’s lower abdomen.
Pu Shougeng’s series of punches failed.
/“I also use traditional martial arts, the nameless boxing method. Thanks to the rocket from netizens, I named it Longwei Sky Splitting Hengkong Ba Flash Phantom Killing Fist.”
After Liu Changan finished speaking, Pu Shougeng’s body fell to the ground.
The sound of flesh hitting the ground.
/Pu Shougeng’s bloodshot eyes widened in disbelief. He clearly felt that Mrs. Karnstein’s secret medicine had reached its peak, and his whole body was filled with explosive power. But with Liu Changan’s punch in the lower abdomen, his All strength seemed to be blocked.
What kind of bloodline is this? Could it be that there is a bloodline in this world whose inheritance will not reduce the effect? If it is reduced, then how powerful should the first generation be? Pu Shougeng suddenly remembered the third girl’s attention to Liu Changan. Could it be that Liu Changan is the descendant of the one who disappeared from the Wuchang?
“Rocket blast! Thank you brothers, today’s competition will undoubtedly end with Brother Chang’an’s overwhelming victory. Today is not a clown-like traditional martial arts master versus a fighting master, but traditional martial arts versus traditional martial arts. Let’s show it to everyone. The power of real traditional martial arts. It seems that Mr. Pu has not yet thanked this brother for sending another wave of rockets. Yes, the live broadcast is still going on.”
Liu Changan sighed softly. He originally wanted to punch Pu Shougeng down, but he had lived in this land for too long, and finally wanted to protect what he had witnessed and still survived with difficulty.
Just like many people who have many complaints and dissatisfaction with their own country, but will spare no effort to defend it when criticized by outsiders, Liu Changan does not want to improve or defeat the image of traditional martial arts, but at least he will not let himself become the benchmark for defeating it.
I don’t want my actions to easily defeat