ed with a light golden color under the light, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“In the final analysis, they are just one or two warriors who got lucky and are not worthy of my special attention. Let me know when there is new news.” Qin Hong came to the top of the building, looked at the stars and moon, and leisurely admired the misty night.
He has always been disgusted with practitioners, especially after his own son died on the moon, his hostility became even worse.
In an ancient underground palace, at the headquarters of the Gray Blood Organization, someone made a hoarse voice: “Are you going to reissue the Blood Killing Order? Last time someone pretended to be us and deliberately muddied the waters.”
“Old Chen, have a good trip. I tried my best, but I still can’t protect you.” Ling Qiming stood in an ancient temple rebuilt at home.
He thought of the past events with Chen Yongjie in his old land when he was young, and he could only shake his head and sigh. He had personally contacted the Sun family, but to no avail. Sun Rongting made it clear that he wanted to kill them all.
/In the Zhong family, Zhong Changming, Lao Zhong’s second son, told future generations not to go out and cause trouble. The Zhong family should just stay calm and stable and not get involved in those things outside.
Someone from the super chaebol Sun family was talking, saying: “This evening, waves of people contacted us. Especially those from the Life Research Institute, who are very interested in Chen Yongjie’s flesh and blood. Extraordinary people in the field of old arts, this kind of experimental material It’s really rare.”
“Keep the heart, and the other flesh and blood can be sold. Keep the head, use culture fluid to maintain its activity, and do your best to study the secrets of the spiritual energy of the extraordinary people of the old technique.”
Someone in the Sun family is very calm and is preparing to deal with the next series of events. Professionals will be sent to dissect Chen Yongjie’s body.
In this specific circle such as Xinxing’s large institutions and chaebols, not only the people with real power are paying attention to the affairs of extraordinary beings, but even the younger generation are also talking about it.
“Brother Sun, I heard that you pinned the newly emerged extraordinary being to death? Zhou Yun has been bragging recently that he and the extraordinary being were exploring the secret land, talking about how mysterious and dangerous the Immortal City is. Now it’s better. Chen, whom he admired, Chaofan has been killed, let’s see how he can brag! I’m embarrassed for him. I don’t think he will go out for a long time. By the way, Brother Sun, my second uncle asked me to buy a part of Chaofan from you. Flesh and blood, the laboratory he is in charge of needs this kind of material very much.”
Sun Yichen held the phone and smiled. He had received several similar calls this night, saying: “Song Kun, are you still playing this imaginary game with me? Don’t you just want Chen Yongjie’s