that what was engraved on the jade talisman was also a talisman for a certain line of escape.

With the help of the treasure weapon, the five people used this method to perform the “Five Elements Escape Technique” with combined force, and at the fastest speed, in the blink of an eye before all the practitioners could react, they attacked and killed Meng Huaixiang. go!
In fact, not everyone wanted to see Meng Huaixiang die at the hands of the Five Elements Sect members.
In the same place, Meng Huaixiang had not reacted yet.
In the distant sky, several people appeared one after another. They were either wearing curtains or using secret techniques to disguise themselves, or even simply appeared wearing the carapace of a monster. Although it was impossible to tell There had been exchanges, but in this flash, they met the five people separately with a tacit understanding.
But at this moment, suddenly, the five-colored bright light that was about to gradually fade out suddenly shone in the five jade talisman holes that had been abandoned in the mid-air.
There were not five people coming, but six people!
/In an instant, the five-color escaping light flourished, and the last person hidden among them walked out slowly, holding a bottle of five-color jade furnace.
The moment he took just one step, the violent wind swirled around him, and five-colored bright lights hung from behind him, vaguely, as if they were about to condense into a halo.
Part foundation building, part elixir fetus.
This is the real killer move!
This is following the story of Xie Chengqiong.
Even now, when the turmoil is brewing, many things, even if they have not been explicitly announced by the monks, are still iron rules among iron laws. For example, monks of various religions must be of the same realm to attack each other. Only time is enough.
Otherwise, monks in the Qi Refining Stage who are in the Foundation Establishment Realm will be killed at will, and monks who are in the Dan Fei Realm will be killed at will in the Foundation Establishment Realm.
The two great generals Xuanyuan and Dao had no sense or rules at all.
Especially when it comes to matters involving cause and effect, the more important it is, the more stringent the rules and iron laws will be. Otherwise, once someone acts outside the rules, it will leave a very bad impact on future generations and become the cause of the collapse of the embankment. That anthill will cause endless disasters in the long time and years to come.
Throughout the ages, it is not uncommon for people to be so angry that they forget about everything and don’t care about anything, only thinking about the existence of fighting.
/However, such people will often be attacked by groups if they show just one sign.
The situation at that time was really one of Xuan Yuan Dao, good and evil cultivators, everyone could find and punish them!
Looking at this iron law now, even though the disciples of the Five Elements Sect have become crazy, they still have a clear understanding.
Offending the public’s anger a