extremely happy.

“Take him away.” Wang Xuan waved his hand. As for the other six powerful masters, Xiao Jinren, Gou Sheng, etc., they can go wherever they want.
“Thank you, True King.” Bai Li, Huo, Nuan Nan and others immediately saluted.
“It’s time to call the disaster lord.” The giant reminded him while holding his sealed body, the Mad King.
“What? Legend shines into the world, and even this kind of creature appears?!” Several people felt extremely shocked!
In the Eternal Silence Era, Wang Xuan was refining weapons. He integrated the Wild King’s spear and the fragments of Yu’s golden bow into the stone cauldron.
Not for himself, he no longer needs it. He is trying to improve the quality of the stone tripod. In the end, it will be given to Ma, Wu, the first-generation Beast King and others for use.
The so-called tripod may be a rescue capsule at a critical moment.
In the future, what he wants to do is just like what he told Zhao Qinghan, which is to fight alone with a sword into the place where he returns to his true state. One person is enough.
He had a premonition that there was a big problem in the place where he returned to his true state. It would be difficult for the true king to survive even if he entered. Even the disaster owner would wither and stain the dense soil with blood.
At the very least, it would be difficult for him to be kind to some disaster victims.
“In addition to prison, there is another disaster lord who can break the catastrophe.” He said to himself. This time, there are two disaster lords who intervene in the world through the five true kings.
/Dressed in a golden battle suit, Yu’s smelted remnants of natural disasters carry the attribute of destruction and are indestructible. Behind her, the master of the disaster seems to be standing to break the catastrophe.
“When that day comes, let me see what the place of death looks like. All the disaster victims want to take that step. Who can rise up? This is the last chance. If those disaster victims fail, will they go crazy?”
In the process of Wang Xuan’s enlightenment and weapon refining, over the next hundred years, 15 more sources came unexpectedly, a very subtle number.
/This moved him. He had no idea of ??the origin of the source. It was hard to tell what era it was in an ancient place. There were still abnormalities left!
Some of the 15 source areas are a little bit of ashes, and some are broken cosmic whirlpools. Generally speaking, they have all been destroyed long ago.
Moreover, there are only eight true kings among these sources, and the living creatures in seven of these fragmentary sources have long been extinct.
“This is the source that left traces, and it can still come. And how many extraordinary source realms are there that have completely dissipated and left nothing? It’s impossible to tell.” Wang Xuan muttered to himself, briefly lost in thought, thinking about his fate. Those mythical things behind the soil.
When the eight new true kings learned that there was a disaster victim here, they were all petrified, an