red several people to hug it. The pine needles falling on the ground were very thick.

“Golden mushrooms!” Wang Xuan was surprised. He didn’t expect to find a large area here. There were more than thirty golden mushrooms. Each one was as big as a human head, golden and flowing with brilliance.
This is a relatively rare species among elixirs, because its main function is to improve people’s physique, create more active blood, revitalize the body, and prolong life.
On the new moon, Wang Xuan also told Qin Cheng that chaebols can only make soup and are petty. When the time comes, he will treat Qin Cheng to chicken stewed with mushrooms. Now it seems that it can be realized.
“I’m going to catch some pheasants!” Before inviting Qin Cheng, he can taste them here.
Soon after, some pheasants flapped their wings and were caught by him, while Zhao Qinghan and Wu Yin cleaned and sliced ??some golden mushrooms.
Wang Xuan dug a large piece of bluestone into a pot with a dagger, and everything was ready.
Soon, a rich fragrance filled the woodland.
Then something happened to them.
Golden mushrooms really nourish the body and taste extremely delicious. After eating them, there will be a rush of heat and the blood will increase.
/However, there were demon mushrooms that were almost identical to the golden mushrooms, also sliced ??and stewed, and they all fell into the trap.
Wang Xuan felt that his eyes were full of little stars. He shook his head vigorously and saw the stars in the sky falling downwards. The powerful hallucinogenic effect made him unable to get rid of it for a while.
Then, he saw the red-clothed female demon fairy looking back with a charming smile, walking gracefully, and began to dance the demon fairy dance, which was passionate, coquettish, and touching.
The demon mushroom that grows together with the elixir golden mushroom is naturally no small matter. Even powerful monsters will still be affected by eating it.
Grandmaster Ma is climbing a tree like a monkey!
It felt that it was a divine ape and could move around on the towering ancient trees. Then it climbed up, and then smashed on the ground again, repeating it over and over again, making holes in the forest floor.
The little fox fairy spread its wings and flew precariously in mid-air, shouting: “I am Wu Yin. I am as beautiful as a flower. I have conquered the country. I have a slim waist and long legs. Who is as beautiful as me?”
On the ground, Wu Yin really walked the catwalk and smiled coquettishly: “I am a vixen. I came to the human world. The world is so charming, and the smoke looks charming.”
Wang Xuan practiced the strongest scriptures on the slate and had strong mental power. He quickly recovered and drove away the scene of the red-dressed dancing fairy from before his eyes.
As a result, he happened to see Da Wu, who claimed to be a vixen, walking on cat steps. It was really a lotus step, with a slim waist and long legs, and a swaying posture, which made him stunned.
At this moment, he thought of an old magical song from the old days: