, and found the remnants of a group of former sages who had gone on an expedition to return to their true form, which shocked him greatly.

This is no small matter. The highest-end combat power of No. 1 Extraordinary Source is outside, and now it has traveled across all the worlds and miraculously returned.
He had to get up to visit his ancestors when he was sitting still. He had been under a lot of pressure over the years. A group of old monsters all ran away, leaving him to look after the house. The environment he faced was too complicated. Even the True King in No. 3’s Return to True Scene would wander around for a spin. Who could stand this?
“Don’t worry, they will come in in batches, and they should take the initiative to find you then.” Wang Xuan asked his senior brother to learn the secrets of the three extraordinary sources in the past century.
Because he felt that the first-generation Beast King was too rough and didn’t care much about outside affairs.
“It’s very quiet over there on the 3rd mainland, and the remnants of the dead scene are all dormant,” Mamoru told him, but he also heard a secret, the 6-breaking Mighty Tomb originating from the 2nd source.
“The real king of puppets under source No. 2 asked him to keep a low profile. The current situation is complicated and dangerous. He said that the real king Yang in the wonderland of No. 3’s return to his true self has quietly traveled far away. It probably means that he may Get to know the mysterious and powerful man from far away, who has a true king-level helper.”
When Wang Xuan heard this, he became extremely serious. He had already experienced the lessons of true king-level experts. It would be better not to be caught up. But if he really wanted to challenge them, he had no hope at the moment.
If the True King sneaks up on him and is blocked by them, he will most likely die.
/He was under pressure. Why did the true king in Source No. 3 return to his true nature far away? It probably has something to do with him. After all, last time he was annoyed and used the super speed of the boat in the fog to cut off the main peak in the wonder of Guizhen.
Because there was no contact or fighting, the other party could not guess his depth and thought he was also a true king. Was he going to invite other true king-level masters to help?
After many years, Wang Xuan no longer has this sense of urgency. He must become stronger, otherwise big trouble will easily happen.
In particular, after he was injured by the worm-shaped True King, it took him 21 years to recover from his injuries. This experience was not good, and he did not want to face a life-and-death crisis in the coming years.
Sure enough, senior fellow apprentice was dedicated and learned these secrets from Source No. 2. Wang Xuan frowned. Currently, the giants under Source No. 1 have never asked the locals for dreams.
“He was injured too badly.” Mamoru said. He, Ge and Cheng also tried to get close, but did not receive any positive response.
“Senior Brother, I brought you some local specialties.