ith the presence of the three Dao treasure pills, the ancient world was reflected again, and the ancient trees of the universe were included in it.

So, at this moment, as the beam of mirror light successfully evolved into the fierce flames of the Taishang Bagua Furnace, the intertwining of thunder and fire almost evolved to an unparalleled peak. Even at this moment, from the thunder and fireworks Among them, one can vaguely feel the touch of the origin of the great path belonging to Chun Yuzhi and Yun Han.
The real Tianxin Dao Lei and Phoenix Dao Fire!
/Furthermore, in the same way, when the boundless charm reflected from across the sky penetrates the origin of the Ancient Qiankun Tree, the boundless power that is enough to shake the innate Taoist tools also shakes the Ancient Tree of Qiankun at this moment.
In fact, from the moment Chu Weiyang grasped the understanding of the essence of transcendent form and spirit, the smelting of the ancient tree of the universe was no longer sluggish or difficult for Chu Weiyang.
The only thing that needs to be wasted in this process is actually just time.
After all, with Chu Weiyang’s ordinary smelting process, he wanted to completely seize the boundless power of the ancient tree of heaven and earth that supported the ancient world where the four worlds were unified. This process itself required the speed of an ordinary monk to deal with the real world. The sky is naturally vast and boundless.
One can also imagine the time and years that have to be passed away in this process.
But at this moment, when that kind of charm conveys a certain kind of dry desire that also belongs to the Qiankun Fruit Tree, a certain kind of “greed” that hopes to be swallowed up.
In an instant, it seemed as if some kind of change that could be described as “going with the flow” was born in the ancient tree of Qiankun.
Compared with the prosperous Qiankun Fruit Tree in the three realms of Chu Weiyang’s dojo, no matter how it expanded, Chu Weiyang could clearly realize that the essence of this majestic spiritual form was his own body. The magical fruit tree is the product of the body’s magical power practice and spiritual energy.
But its foundation is Chu Weiyang’s Taoism and Qi.
This point, no matter what changes the magical fruit tree undergoes, has never really become easier.
However, in fact, when facing the ancient tree of Qiankun, Chu Weiyang always had difficulty in defining it completely. In the past years, the fruit trees with magical powers cultivated by Wusuan Group were grafted one after another, and then in the natural process Among the great power of creation, the ancient tree of the universe is truly standing upright in the sky and on the earth.
Is it the existence of some kind of living thing like mountains, rocks, grass and trees, or is it the product of Taoism’s metaphysical appearance, its ultimate condensation, and its metaphysical appearance?
Perhaps it is a true combination of both. With the ultimate condensation of Taoism and Taoism in the past, it has finally become