hey heard some key words intermittently.

It’s not that you understand the words, but that you have a thorough understanding of your thinking.
“A bunch of natives!”
The fact that the other side looked down upon them so much made Wang Xuan’s eyelids jump.
It is suspected that the creatures that came out of the secret place seem to be extremely conceited in their mentality.
“The person riding the relic of the Pegasus has abnormal mental power and seems to have stronger perception than me. Could it be that he has formed a realm?”
/One of them looked serious and warned his companions. It was he who had been staring at Wang Xuan.
“No way, isn’t the realm related to the supernatural?”
“Hush, I’m worried that he can capture our thoughts.”
Then, the ten people on the opposite side fell silent, all staring at Wang Xuan. And they silenced their own spiritual powers, apparently there was a secret method.
Their understanding of spiritual practice and transcendence far exceeds that of Xinxing people.
The ten people gestured to each other, and finally glanced at Wang Xuan. They slowly backed away and disappeared into the forest.
/“They are natives from some planet. They are so backward. Not only are the protective suits fragile, but their aesthetics are also so backward and inferior. Their clothes are too ugly.”
“Silence, that person may still be able to sense it.”
“Are you really not going to do anything to them?”
“Not urgent!”
Ten people disappeared, as if they had never appeared.
They are all extremely powerful, far more powerful than Moonlight Bodhisattva!
Wang Xuan stared at the direction they were leaving and let out a sigh of relief. He unexpectedly encountered such a group of people. He just wanted Zhao Qinghan and others to escape first.
“It is understandable that if you practice since childhood and persist for many years, you must be very strong.” He whispered.
However, he also couldn’t stand it. Those people were too narcissistic and very conceited.
They just look down on it from the perspective of strength, but they actually despise it from the aesthetic perspective.
The most outrageous person, those ten people actually thought that they were natives from an uncivilized planet.
However, relatively speaking, the people on Xinxing’s side are really weak.
Wang Xuan became a monk halfway and only entered the field of ancient martial arts for a few years.
Others are not ascetic monks. For example, some people actually practice old skills to keep in good shape!
A group of explorers were not calm anymore. They actually saw new humans, and what they said not long ago came true.
“It’s a pity that we can’t bring the news back. This is a breakthrough discovery.” Zheng Rui sighed.
“I think they seem to be hostile to us. Will something happen?” Zhong Qing asked.
Wang Xuan discovered that Xiao Zhong also had a tendency to become a crow’s mouth.
He directly told a fact, saying: “Those ten young men and women may all be at the Grand Master level!”
For a moment, everyone present was quiet. They couldn’t cal