“Just stay here. If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools.”
He took out the Dao Cheng Dao bottle. Since he has the rare Dao Yun from Source No. 3, he will naturally not be “backlogged”. He will transform the “materials” into Dao Xing. With stronger strength to travel, he will be more capable. Confidence.
In an instant, countless colorful lights surged, and the rich Taoist rhyme surged out from the mouth of the bottle like a vast ocean bursting its banks, illuminating the dark sky.
Wang Xuan bathed in the divine glow, sat cross-legged in the void, and circulated his special scriptures, vibrating the fragments of the avenue along the great cycle path of life soil, true body, and the void outside the body.
As a six-dimensional breaker in all fields, when he released the power of his true form without concealment, the scene was quite terrifying, and nearby, the decaying universes were shaking together.
/At this moment, it was like a new saint was crossing a tribulation, and the deep black sky was bright. It was also like a divine waterfall, holy sea, etc. suddenly falling from the real place, washing away the decay and reviving the world.
When Wang Xuan let go of himself, he was like a terrifying world-destroying beast. The momentum was really too great. The scenery was majestic and boundless, with thousands of rays falling down and infinite light blooming.
At this time, he had already stood up and moved his muscles without reservation, making the entire nearby universe tremble.
Sure enough, as he expected, after reaching the last great realm and moving to the highest level, even if he absorbed the Tao Yun from a certain extraordinary source, he could not break through the limit, and he still owed some heat.
In fact, there is still some Tao Yun in the bottle, but it is of little use to him. He either has to endure it on his own, or needs a new Tao Yun to supplement it.
Afterwards, he sat down quietly and realized silently that it was obvious that as long as he entered a new source of transcendence, he would soon be able to break through and reach a higher level!
“Not bad, look forward to it!” At this time, his spiritual field expanded to reach far and wide, scanning the nearby deep space for routine exploration.
“Huh?!” There really is a situation. He is driving a small boat in the mist. He is so far away from the new mythical world, and the true saint is approaching?
Soon, he was shocked because he discovered that the creature approaching quietly belonged to a former missing person!
The True Sage of Infinite Tribulation was so tired that he was almost foaming at the mouth. When the myth of the last era was just frozen, he thought about it and thought that the must-kill list was no longer targeted at him, so he ran wildly at that time and traveled for many years. Finally, Forced to hibernate on the road.
After the revival of Shinhwa, he has been on the road for more than two hundred years. If nothing unexpected happens, he should be close to his destination in a few months.