been attracted by the struggle for the “true king” in the alien realm.

For several days, a large number of extraordinary people have been discussing and waiting to see the peak battle between the God King Miaogu and Wang Qingzhou.
Yu Yandu, a single 6-breaker, was defeated by Wang Qingzhou, and Miao Gu also launched a challenge. People believed that this was definitely an unprecedented battle in the 6-break field.
In fact, Lu Breakers are extremely rare. The competition between them mostly exists in unknown areas and can only be seen in special places.
For example, the originator of Lu Po discusses Taoism and competes secretly. This kind of threshold is too high. How can ordinary people be lucky enough to witness it? But it’s different now.
The battle for the “true king” of the alien realm will not avoid them.
Today, it can be said that the whole world is attracting attention, and countless people are looking forward to it, waiting for the two powerful players to compete for supremacy.
/Miao Gu appeared, backed by a large number of extraordinary beings from the old center before the 23rd century. As soon as he came across the sky, there were cheers from landslides and tsunamis.
The God King Miaogu left the new world transformed by holy mountains, planets, giant continents, etc., passed through the magic circle, and came to the outside void full of strong radiation ripples, waiting for his opponent to appear.
Wang Xuan came through the void, and he was really alone. The No. 1 extraordinary source was frozen, and he had few acquaintances here.
/“Miao Gu’s opponent is here!”
“The villain Wang Qingzhou appears!”
In the old center before the 23rd century, there were a large number of extraordinary beings involved in transforming the new world and settling here. Their name immediately aroused discussion among others.
Obviously, there were many people who followed Wang Qingzhou blindly, and the creatures on the other side who didn’t know Wang Qingzhou’s roots, as well as the masters of the super mythical world, also laughed and followed him.
For example, Ling Han and Gu Hong were among them.
“The most powerful villain Wang Qingzhou has appeared!” A group of strangers also shouted.
Then, following the shouting sounds, it was really like a river and sea bursting its embankments, rising and falling one after another, shaking the deep sky.
Wang Xuan looked at the extraordinary beings in the new world and said to himself, “What do you think of your eyes? How could a world-destroying six-person who came out of the world so empty and clear and seems to be re-emerging as an immortal be so blackmailed?”
Wang Xuan is dressed in retro clothes, with fluttering sleeves, a tall figure, shiny black hair, and a handsome face, which makes him look like a fairy.
Behind him, various complex terrains of giant continents and planets appeared, covered by the supreme purification array, with clear lakes and silver waterfalls like falling stars. There were all kinds of scenery, beautiful and magnificent, and together they formed