Guixu came to see Quan.

When Quan returned to the Extraordinary Center to recuperate from his injuries, Zi Mu Dao and Shi Chuan offered to take care of the Patriarch who had serious health problems. In fact, they mainly wanted to seek advice and guidance.
Now the two of them are still frightened, and they actually escaped a catastrophe because of this.
But they knew that there must be more than just a few of them coming back. At that time, Wu and You etc. made it clear that they wanted some true saints to re-enter the extraordinary center. One was to detect the big hand in the mist in the local area, and the other was to prevent those who changed their paths, evil gods, etc. from causing trouble. .
Tokikawa said: “Changers, evil spirits, and some extraordinary strangers from the Jedi who are about to become true saints, will they be able to fill their positions immediately? The structure of the Myth Center has completely changed.”
The True Saint of Guixu, Zi Mudao, said: “The old monster who came out of the Jedi has mysterious roots. If he becomes a True Saint again, his methods will be unpredictable.”
“Are you going to take action?!” Tokikawa asked.
“You can block one person’s way, but can you block them all? There are quite a few extraordinary strangers who have recovered from the Jedi, and they are all hiding.” Quan said calmly: “Yuan, Qi and others, I and I were also in the giant back then. At the end of the collapse of the Beast Dynasty, step into the extraordinary center.”
Zi Mudao really wanted to ask this patriarch, what identity he entered the scene as, a path changer, an evil god, an old monster, or a remnant hunted by a giant beast, etc.? But he didn’t dare to speak.
If you think about it carefully, you can’t tell the origins of Quan and others.
“We want to find out who among the saints has returned.” Shichuan informed Quan.
/“Is this necessary?” Quan glanced at them.
In the 75th year of the dramatic change in mythology, Wang Xuan stood up from the meteorite, bathed in the brilliant starlight, and decided to go for a walk to end his retreat.
Over the years, he has read various ancient scriptures of gods and studied the lost secrets of giant beasts. This is an invisible accumulation of heritage and a wealth that is difficult to measure in value.
His vision, knowledge, etc. have been greatly improved. In a sense, it is more important than a breakthrough in realm level.
He absorbed various scriptures and knowledge, as if he had seen that disappearing history, and saw the figures of those celebrities who had shaken the world in their respective eras. They understood the Dharma, practiced hard, and opened up paths, interweaving together a series of mottled legendary pictures.
“It’s really difficult to break through the 6th level in the super peerless realm.” Wang Xuan felt a little bit. When he was in the secret realm of the source of myth, he was already at the peak of the 5th level. Now 80 years have passed, and that layer of window paper has still not been pierced.
Compared with the past, the