etc. from other decaying places. Those who remain are staring at the extraordinary center. In the darkness, that place Both pairs of scarlet eyes are particularly terrifying.

Their disciples and disciples are also eager to enter the extraordinary center.
But the supreme creatures were very restrained and did not act rashly, because they were afraid that the saints were fishing.
/Back then, Wu, You, Gu Sanming, etc., in order to obtain sacrifices, made a random nest and captured a considerable number of the incarnations of the foreign saints. There were many victims.
Although the outer universe has a pair of terrifying eyes, it has endured for 80 years and has not moved.
A handsome young man sat at the end of the deep space of the universe. Finally, his eyes broke away from the extraordinary center and looked into the outer universes one after another, showing a worried look.
/He is the old boy who obeys the “original” last words, guards the extraordinary center, and never leaves.
He is not afraid that the evil gods and evil spirits left over from the outer universe will break into the center of the mythical universe, but is looking worriedly at the dark areas further away.
He sighed and sat there, looking down at a “pool” in front of him. It was the supreme holy object left to him by “Yuan”, which could monitor all the worlds.
Through this pool, he saw the dark areas that had never been radiated by the mythical universe. Now they were different. Light appeared in one area after another that was absolutely decayed and had never been extraordinary.
As time passed, those light spots became clearer and brighter.
“A speck of light is a Jedi, a sealed ancient tomb, an eye of the sea, a deep cave? In the past, under the eternal night, those places were not illuminated by the light of myth. But now it is different. Some Jedi are there. Recovery, is what “Tao” said true?!”
Year after year, “Shou” always stared at the place of “Eternal Night”. Gradually, his heart became cold, because through the ripples in the pool, he saw the wonders in the darkness, and there was actually something strange in the pool. There was a strange sound.
The sound was lonely and desolate, like the cry of a whale falling in the deep sea.
And those places were actually vast lonely universes one after another. He seemed to hear the whispers of wild foxes and old gods that had been suppressed for countless epochs, like lonely ghosts.
“Shou” stared at the supreme divine object pool, reflecting the dark land in the distance. The light of the soul shone fiercely between his forehead, and even he could not remain calm.
At the end of deep space, like a whale’s fall, a place where there had been no extraordinary radiation in the past, a desolate low cry could be heard, which actually made “Shou” break into a cold sweat.
If what “Tao” says is true, then what do “nothing” and “being” mean? Are there any serious problems? What kind of path will it lead the saints on?
Little “light particles” swayed and shone in the darkness. Year after year, “Sho