ded and was completely gone, the remnants of the Tattoo Palace that remained on the bloody battlefield might be taken seriously by the True Saint of Tattoo.

Otherwise, there will really be no one in his lineage.
In this case, it should be easier for Wu Mingxiu to negotiate with the Four Teachings.
At this moment, Wang Yusheng, who had committed a world-shattering case, was quite calm. He was walking in the sea of ????stars to enjoy the scenery like a normal person.
“Next, I will arrange for you to hang out with the five-level wizards from various True Saint dojos. If you have nothing to do, go to more gatherings. Those people are likely to be the future True Saints. Although the jungle of the supernatural world is extremely cruel, , but in life, you cannot always make enemies, it is still necessary to take the initiative to make some friends and master some connections. ”
Then, he told Wang Dao which girl he liked and told him when the time came. Even if it was inconvenient for him to come forward to propose marriage, his grandfather would still be there.
“There are rumors outside that my grandpa was the most ruthless in his pursuit of you, but you want him to propose marriage for me?!” Wang Dao was surprised.
Wang Yusheng said: “Don’t ask about my lord’s affairs. Besides, he must treat you differently from me.”
In Wang Xuan’s hometown, a man and woman who looked to be about thirty years old were walking in the decaying universe covered by the Umbrella of Eternal Silence, as if they were about to walk across the starry sky.
They were Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun, the parents of Wang Yusheng and Wang Xuan, and they seemed to be looking for something.
“Perhaps it’s time to go to the Extraordinary Center to take a look?” Jiang Yun said.
The Tattoo Palace exploded, and this huge turmoil swept all over the world, and the whole world was discussing it, whether it was in the 36th level of the sixth heaven, or in the mortal world.
/Then, it was quickly leaked that the Jurchen Saint of the Paper Temple was attacked and was stabbed along the way.
The impact of the two things together was so great that it seemed to cause the sea of ????stars to burst.
The Wolverine wanted to cover his mouth, why was it really related to the Paper Temple? Not long ago, he mentioned this dojo when a supreme being looked at him.
Isn’t this going to come true again? He didn’t really want it to be such a coincidence.
A large number of extraordinary people in this world are talking about it, and they are exploring the truth and looking for the person who did it. Who did it?
There is no doubt that the only true witness who survived was the Jurchen Saint of the Paper Temple. However, she went into seclusion without any response.
In fact, she secretly went to find the ember, feeling that the situation was extremely serious, and she was afraid that her dojo would also be infiltrated and be attacked and killed.
/Some supreme beings had sensed the fluctuations of the attack on her, and went to the scene of the incident to trace and deduce i