up of Pegasus?”

Both of them were frightened, and a group of horses flew away from the mountainous area.
A group of snow-white horses, without a single hair on their bodies, all with snow-white and wide wings, flew across the sky and flew over the mountains shrouded in light and mist.
There are some horses on the ground, their bodies are shining with golden light, and their fur is like golden satin. They are running through the mountains and forests at extremely fast speeds. They actually jump directly over the cliffs and chase the group of white horses in the sky.
After the group of horses left, Wang Xuan and Zhao Qinghan approached. The forest floor was trampled by the horses’ hooves, and many big trees were shattered into pieces.
“There’s a badly wounded horse!”
The two walked over quickly.
In the forest, there was a white horse whose body was like jade. It was quite a majestic horse, but its head was bleeding, staining the ground red. It lay there and moaned softly.
/There was actually a sad look in its eyes, and it was unwilling to look away for a long time as it looked at the direction in which the group of flying horses were leaving.
Apparently the horse had had a fight with a flying horse in the herd or a golden horse galloping on the ground, destroying the woodland.
“This horse is very powerful. Although it has no wings and cannot fly, you can see that it is still a foal and has not yet grown up.” Zhao Qinghan showed a surprised look.
Many people in Xinxing are keen on horse racing and have improved many exotic horse breeds. One of her uncles has raised several exotic horses that are extremely expensive.
Obviously, her uncle’s so-called sky-high price horse was far from the white horse in front of her.
Wang Xuan was stunned. He also saw that although the injured white horse was not short, it was indeed more immature than the horses that left.
But what this battlefield reflects is a grandmaster-level battle!
He is a little doubtful about life. Are all the horses grandmaster-level monsters?
It is conceivable that most of the more powerful individuals among the horses are extraordinary creatures!
“Are we still in the outer area? Something is wrong. We encountered a group of grandmaster-level Pegasus, and even an extraordinary leader!” Wang Xuan sighed.
Then, he walked towards the foal on the ground. It only suffered a head injury. It might have been dizzy just now and could not get up.
Now seeing Wang Xuan approaching, it widened its eyes and began to struggle.
“Don’t be afraid. I have no ill intentions towards you. Come with me. I also have an elixir here that I can give you.” Wang Xuan squatted down and tried to comfort the white horse.
Zhao Qinghan is also looking forward to it. If the grand master-level spirit horse is subdued and transported to Xinxing, it will probably make some horse betting people crazy.
/And in this secret place, it would be much more convenient if there was a Grandmaster level mount.
The horse was so strong that it was still lying on the ground,