it was moved to the Huangji Sect’s camp halfway up the mountain. You don’t have to memorize it by rote. You can learn it by spending ten skill points, such as Fangzhongshu, Flower Bee Catching Technique, I’ve studied books like The Night King, this is called knowledge changing destiny.”

“Fart posture changes destiny, posture only makes people pregnant.”
“Although this sand sculpture is not very lacking in skill points, have you ever thought that we are just a hose, and even after learning the Fangzhongshu, there is no way to cultivate it!”
“What do you know? This is called a man’s romance.”
“It’s quite romantic.”
An hour later, the player who was left holding the thigh was digging for tree roots. The gold bracelet on She Zhang’s wrist stretched out. The thin golden-scaled snake swam to She Zhang’s shoulder, touched her cheeks affectionately, and then flew to Lu Bei’s head. , made a comfortable nest and sat down.
Eyes full of wisdom!
“Stop making trouble and go look for it. There is something wrong in the secret realm.” She Yan reached out and took out the golden-scaled snake and whispered.
The golden-scaled snake nodded and scurried over Lu Bei’s head again.
Found it, there is something wrong with this person nearby!
But this is not a thing, and this is not a thing, let’s explore again.
Eliminate one correct answer.
The golden-scaled snake turned into golden light and escaped, quickly shuttled through the secret realm, and returned to Lu Bei’s head in less than half a cup of tea.
No, there is something wrong here in the secret realm, the rest is normal.
The exploration was at an impasse, and Hu San raised his eyebrows: “Is there a possibility that the entire secret realm is abnormal, but because my second brother is so abnormal, it seems that this place is normal.”
/“Jealousy makes you look hateful.” Lu Bei curled his lips.
She Yan didn’t say anything and snorted coldly to show her attitude. In her opinion, the most abnormal thing in the entire secret realm was Hu San, especially the face that brought disaster to the country and the people. There was something wrong no matter how you looked at it.
“Forget it, let me give it a try!”
Hu San shrugged, raised his hands, and scattered the talisman light spots in the air. He connected the dots with his hands to deduce the number of days and look for the weirdness in the secret realm.
Soon, he stopped working in vain.
The secret realm is isolated from the outside world. If it can be deduced by days, it would have been dug out long ago. It would not be the three of them’s turn to take advantage.
But Hu San did not gain anything at all. He looked at the dark sky from a distance: “The higher you go, the stronger the yin energy becomes. Ghosts cannot be born out of thin air. There must be something that gave birth to or evolved them.”
“Just go and take a look and you’ll find out.” Lu Bei flew up and followed She Zhang at the lead.
/The three of them flew high into the sky, leaving the players hugging their legs with big eyes and small eyes. In