ure of this mountain, it would have collapsed long ago.

In the distance, Wu Liuji appeared. He was about to take action, but stopped dead in his tracks.
Then, he saw that divine light shone in Wang Dao’s body, and a huge fist emerged from his chest, which was completely composed of runes and was dazzling.
With a bang, with just one punch, Rotten Alien No. 4 exploded to pieces, and was actually killed.
Wang Dao had no choice. He was passively triggered. The mark left by his father was activated when he felt that his life was threatened, killing the stranger instantly.
Moreover, that fist spread out and quickly grabbed into the void, taking away all the traces of cause and effect and smoothing them all.
It can be said that this is a one-stop process of killing strangers, destroying remaining traces, and severing the lines of cause and effect. It is very smooth and elegant, leaving nothing behind.
Wu Liuji was on the side and witnessed this scene with his own eyes. He was not an ordinary person. Not only was his own strength unpredictable, but more importantly, his vision.
/“Wang Yusheng!”
Although the original Qi of that fist was covered up when it was born, Wu Liuji knew who the punch belonged to based on an instinctive intuition.
Back then, Wu Liuji had a lot of dealings with Wang Yusheng and was very familiar with him.
At that time, all the strangers in the world were about to be defeated by Wang Yusheng, and they all believed that they were no match for him, but Wu Liuji was the only one who did not believe this.
At that time, the two gradually became familiar with each other through confrontation, then developed friendship, and finally cherished each other. They were both fierce rivals in the alien field, standing at the top of the alien pyramid.
Wu Liuji looked at Wang Dao, and his eyes gradually changed. No matter how he looked at it, this should be a close nephew?
He suddenly felt a little messy. His nephews appeared one after another, and there were signs of flooding!
Wu Liuji’s eyes had a deep texture of Royal Dao, like two galaxies rotating. His eyes swept back and forth on Wang Dao. Even nephews began to appear in pairs these days?
He wondered how many descendants Wang Yusheng had. Wouldn’t they be like bamboo shoots after the rain, running towards the extraordinary central world one after another?
Wang Xuan was really shocked. At the critical moment, a fist made of imperial texture appeared from Wu Tian’s chest. It was the power of a true saint!
He stood ready, holding an inch-long Royal Dao flag in his hand, ready to throw it out at any time.
As for the killing formation diagram, it was part of his battle uniform and he had long worn it as inner armor.
He really did not expect that Wutian, who crows with cocks, dogs and thieves, and meets strangers and concubines at night, would actually be protected by the True Saint.
It should be noted that not even the peerless prodigy “Fleeting Nian” of Shiguangtian whom he killed, nor Cheng Dao, the direct descendant of the ancestor of the Super S