wants to hunt us down and become its blood food. The living environment is extremely harsh. This is unbearable!”

Then he added: “This time, we fight it to the death and make sure it suffers severe pain. To deal with evil people, only by letting it bleed and pay a heavy price will it remember and not dare to target us again. At the same time, This is also a kind of deterrent, making other terrifying monsters who secretly covet us fearful. After this battle, a bloodbath and battle of the highest standard will solve various hidden dangers, so that all parties will not dare to make random decisions.”
After hearing this, the health-preserving furnace said: “Is the environment so bad? OK, I’ll go over and take a look. By the way, who are you going to hit?”
“A supreme monster.”
/“Me! Are you crazy?” As soon as the health furnace knew that it was going to fight the true saint, it suddenly lost its composure and was about to rebel. Fire spewed out from the furnace body.
Over the years, it has been studying the path to prohibited items, but it has never done anything on weekdays, that is, refining medicine, studying the law, reading books, and staying in a state of health.
Now, this kid actually lets it fight with a true saint-level monster. Does he want to send it away in advance?
“What are you afraid of? If Brother Ji takes action, it will block the monster, and you and I will deal with the stranger.” Wang Xuan said.
Even so, the Health Stove felt that the situation was serious and its heart was quite heavy. It was not that easy to fool. It knows very well that in the extraordinary central world, if a battle involving the true saint level is involved, the great religion will be destroyed and all life in the galaxy will be extinct.
In particular, a duel of this level can affect the entire body, and other high-level creatures may suffer the consequences. The impact is too great.
“What a war!” the health furnace sighed.
“Brother Lu, don’t tell Fairy Sword, lest she worry.” Wang Xuan said.
The main thing is that this time we have to face a stranger, and other experts can’t help. It’s better not to disturb the mini version of Jiang Qingyao in seclusion.
“Call Xiao Fang from Wuyou Palace. The Mu Tian Bracelet in her hand can also show its power.” Health Stove said, already knowing which True Saint Dojo Fang Yuzhu landed in.
“Hey, Xiaofang, no, Sister Yuzhu, I called you wrong.” Wang Xuan got in touch with Fang Yuzhu, and then quickly changed his words, explaining that he was distracted by the health stove.
As soon as he made a call, he was contacted with three prohibited items and Yun Shuhe, a strange person. The lineup was quite strong.
/If the Royal Dao Banner is awakened again, and the Killing Formation Diagram in his hand is added, even if there are three strangers sitting in the Beast Fighting Palace, there will be no problem.
However, I am afraid that the strangers in the Fighting Beast Palace may also have terrible forbidden items in their hands, which will be troublesome.
“Yu Daoqi is already studying the