re clearly visible, with countless corals and magnificent scenery.

“You all, let’s go!” Wu Liuji personally used his great magical power to clear out all the fish and sea monsters in this sea area, so as to avoid leaking the news, send them away, and let them sleep in a distant place. seabed.
Then, everyone retreated and dispersed, no one said anything, and did not disturb Wang Xuan, leaving the central sea area to him to watch from a distance.
A ray of lightning penetrated the sky and the earth, unprecedentedly dazzling and huge, blasting through the sea surface and evaporating countless seawater.
“What the hell is going on? Thunder Stick, a big stick fell from the sky and dug a big hole in the Origin Sea. It’s so scary!”
Li Xu screamed strangely in the distance. He saw it right. It didn’t look like thunder and lightning, but more like a thick and boundless iron rod. One end of it was pierced directly, and the power was earth-shattering.
He even saw a vaguely large hand at the end of the stick.
“Special calamity!” Li Lin said, and she followed, approaching this area with her nephew.
Wu Liuji’s heart was trembling. Was it really causing a catastrophe? Is it a calamity in the Lu-Breaking Realm? probably!
He turned around and looked into the distance and found Li Lin approaching.
“It’s okay, let her come over. If there are other people, they are not allowed to approach.” The mobile phone strange object said.
“Why is this thunder calamity so strange? Its shape, source, etc. are all very special. What’s going on?” Li Xu was puzzled and looked at his aunt.
Li Lin whispered: “It’s really weird. Is he finally going to be promoted from the Ultimate True Immortal? He will officially enter the heaven-level realm. But why don’t I feel like it.”
Wu Liuji was very vigilant. Today’s catastrophe is of great importance. This is a breaking of the earth. It has never happened in ancient times. The news cannot be leaked!
The mobile phone Qiwu said: “It’s okay. She has also been attracted by me. She is an era younger than you and is considered a ‘substitute’ like you. The person I am interested in is not bad. I have investigated it.”
After Wu Liuji heard this, he immediately shut up and said nothing, but secretly commented: Li Lin is really lucky! At the critical moment, he avoided the evil thing and was not taken away by it, otherwise he would have died long ago.
/The dreamy blue diamond-like sea of ??origin is full of rough waves. On the sky, a dark and thick iron rod smashed down again, accompanied by thunder and a bang, the sea water boiled, and a large area was evaporated to dryness!
The problem is very serious. This kind of catastrophe is extremely powerful. The five-level true immortal will definitely die here and cannot withstand it at all. This is not a normal thunder catastrophe.
Fudao Niu has been confident in the past few decades, but now that it saw this kind of stick-shaped lightning, it became intimidated and its green fur suddenly stood up.
The void shattered, countless large black cracks spread,