it, it is probably the other party who let him see it.

He knew very well that this should be a supreme being, otherwise, he would not be qualified to fish with the ancient and modern.
“I have met two seniors.” Wang Xuan was not too casual and brought the mechanical bear to greet him seriously. After all, Gu Jin and the old man were not so familiar with each other because they were not mobile phones.
“Sit down, there is no need for such false courtesy.” Gu Jin said.
The old man glanced here, a little surprised, and said: “You look familiar, Wang Yusheng’s son?”
Wang Xuan hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth and said, “No.”
He understood that no matter how well he disguised himself, it would be useless in front of the True Saint, who could directly see his true appearance, spiritual aura, etc.
“This is the true sage He Sheng of Yaotian Palace” introduced in ancient and modern times.
Wang Xuan was startled. Fortunately, he was not the True Saint of the Demon Clan. Although they were both the supreme beings of the Demon Clan, there was still a big difference.
If Wu Liuji’s master were here, he might be in trouble today.
He was no stranger to Yaotian Palace and had fought against their alien Xitian.
However, with the birth of the True Saint of Huaguoshan, the relationship between the two parties eased again.
“It doesn’t matter that he’s not Wang Yusheng’s son, right? There are similarities between his eyes and eyebrows, as well as his spiritual temperament,” said the True Saint of Yaotian Palace.
/Wang Xuan didn’t say anything, but he felt uncomfortable because he could be seen through here.
It was obvious that Gu Jin had a good relationship with the True Saint of Yaotian Palace.
Wang Xuan thought about it, his eldest brother was really “flexible” in the past. He even met the True Saint of Yaotian Palace and left a deep impression on him, which he has never forgotten.
“Fellow Taoist He Sheng has no ill intentions and is not an outsider.” Gu Jin said, and then dropped the topic.
Wang Xuan didn’t talk nonsense and kept quiet. Watching them fishing here, the two of them lifted the fishing rods from time to time, but they caught nothing.
Wang Xuan was a little confused as to what they wanted to catch.
“Do you know where this vortex is connected?” Gu Jin said casually. .
“The bear doesn’t know.” The mechanical bear was very nervous and shy, standing there pitifully.
“Relax, it’s okay.” Gu Jin comforted him with a smile, and then told: “This whirlpool will gradually disappear if the true saint enters it.”
Will the true saint die if he falls into it? After hearing this, the mechanical bear became very nervous and took a few steps back.
Wang Xuan was also frightened and stared ahead.
The black cosmic vortex is huge, cold, and deep, with no end in sight. It rotates silently, as if it can swallow all living things, spirits, and worlds.
“Come on, try your luck, just in case you can catch something.” Gu Jin was very easy-going and greeted Wang Xuan and the mechanical bear, asking Jin Zhao to give them fis