ed had boundless potential. He also hoped that it could make some progress and try to touch the threshold of the Ultimate Immortal.

“Xiao Niu is so grateful that he will work hard. In the future, I will try to suppress the enemies from all directions without my master’s intervention, clear the way for Master Kong, and eliminate those thieves.”
“You can improve the texture of the royal road for it. As for me, your aunt, have I finalized the shape? Is it too late?” Leng Mei asked before leaving.
“When I catch up with you, I’ll help you see if you can still comb it.” Wang Xuan said, and then slapped her white neck. Fortunately, it didn’t hit her head at the critical moment.
Even so, Wu Liuji’s eyelids twitched. He stood on the side and looked at him for a few times, and then decisively took Leng Mei and Fudaoniu away.
Wang Xuan entertained his old friends, chose an extraordinary restaurant on a prosperous mythical island in the Origin Sea, and invited Zhang Daoling, Lao Zhong and others to drink.
The main seafood here is immortal species, including sea snails, fairy clams, shrimp soldiers, crab kings, turtle prime ministers, all kinds of ingredients are available, and even a sea dragon banquet can be made.
/When he was happy after drinking, Wang Xuan patted Leader Zhang on the shoulder, and inadvertently, his hand touched the back of Lao Zhang’s neck.
For a moment, the hair on Zhang’s neck stood up, goosebumps arose, and he said angrily: “Boy, do you really want to discuss the so-called version 2.0 with me?”
“Sorry, it was a mistake.” Wang Xuan laughed.
Then, as soon as Leader Zhang turned around, he saw that Chen Yongjie’s gaze was not at all right, and he suddenly turned black and said, “What’s wrong with you all? Why don’t you change your goal and try to surpass it?”
“I’m leaving.” Lao Zhang was half drunk and said that he was going to retreat. If he accumulates experience, he will inevitably rise in the extraordinary center. One day, his name as Zhang Jiaozu will be spread even on the big stage of this central world.
He was in a hurry and wanted to take a scheduled flight from Jinbei Beach to return to Jiulingdong Dojo in a remote place.
After all, there are many Jiazhensheng palaces in the Origin Sea, so they are very closely connected with the rest of the world.
When seeing him off, Wang Xuan passed on a spiritual imprint, which were scriptures and secret techniques that he had acquired in recent years.
“We have just opened up this new route, and we still need to expand our business. We will stay there for a while.” Chen Yongjie said with a smile.
/In fact, he, Lao Zhong and Qingmu wanted to get together with Wang Xuan more. It was not easy to get together again after being apart for so long, but now they really had to deal with the matter of the new route.
By now, they all know that Guban may be playing a big game.
The routes developed by their “Shuntong” logistics company have received guidance from above in advance, and now when connected together, they look a bit like some kind of vast starry s