shed away.

He was confident enough. If he hadn’t been attacked by surprise and was now in a weak state, how could the other party be his opponent?
As long as he recovers, he has the means to restrain the Immortal Bow and regain it. As for the opponent’s behavior and strength, he is confident that he can directly suppress it.
/It only takes four breaths for him to climb to the top. He is enveloped in green light, and his eyes are filled with cold light!
In fact, He Qing did not fall out completely because he knew that Chang Ming was not dead. He was stalling for time, so he naturally wanted to help now.
Aegis, a big bell, a giant cauldron, a dark fairy tower, and various heavy-duty exotic treasures appeared, and they were all sacrificed by He Qing to prevent the opponent from shooting bows and arrows.
Carrying densely packed heavy weapons, he rushed forward at high speed to ensure that Chang Ming survived and there would be no more accidents this time.
The other limit-breaking wizards who had withdrawn also moved at this time, and wanted to surround them together and hunt together.
Wang Xuan estimated that when he defeated Chang Ming, He Qing should be able to force him close. He chose to draw his bow again, first severely injuring this extraordinary person who had been forced over again and again.
In an instant, he pulled the heavy bow into the shape of a full moon. A divine arrow condensed with runes appeared on the bowstring, engraved with regular textures, and then shot out at extremely high speed.
He Qing’s expression changed, and he was extremely jealous of the Immortal Bow. The giant cauldron, black tower, and divine shield around him resonated and flew forward to collide with the bright divine arrow.
In fact, this arrow seemed to plow through the sky, and a big hole was made in the sky and the earth. All tangible objects were being destroyed. The giant cauldron, the black tower, the fairy bell, etc. were all pierced by the dazzling arrow feathers, and densely packed holes appeared. Cracks, each exploded.
He Qing was heartbroken, but he did not hesitate and moved forward, because the arrow feathers had finally dimmed a lot, and he should be able to block it.
His eyes were cold, and runes were flowing all over his body, as if he was covered with a layer of sacred armor. If he wanted to teach this Sun Wukong a bloody lesson, he had to blow it up first.
However, what shocked him was that after he struggled to destroy the arrow feathers and his body was covered in blood, the wild Sun Wukong opposite him bent his bow again and shot an arrow.
This time, most of He Qing’s body exploded and suffered heavy injuries. Half of his face disappeared, and most of his body turned into blood mist. Even his soul was damaged and looked slightly dim.
“Go quickly, capture him!” He Qing was shocked and angry. He was a peerless person, but he could be so miserable when facing a true immortal wizard.
Wang Xuan is indeed very tired. He is not short of super matter. If he is really exhausted, he can be mobi