to wake up.

After re-awakening, the surviving transcendent’s perception was only for a moment, but when the fog blew away, the real external environment changed drastically.
Obviously, the decaying universe and the extraordinary center, whether it is the rise and fall of the extraordinary or the emergence of the Umbrella of Eternal Silence, are not very synchronized. They are far apart, gradually moving away, or even misaligned.
/“Are you sure that there is no mythical cause and effect in the area outside the Umbrella of Eternal Silence?” Wang Xuan asked.
The mobile phone Qiwu said: “It has never been affected, so naturally it does not comply with all this. The ‘effect’ and ’cause’ there are not even established and can be changed.”
“Then when I was ‘wandering’ in the ruins of the old imperial city of hell, the extraordinary center that I sensed before the 23rd century was a special place. Is it not in the ‘story’ you just mentioned, or in the ‘accident’? Those The phenomena are all terrifying and terrifying.”
The screen of the mobile phone’s strange object glowed, shaking slightly, as if shaking its head, and said: “It is impossible to escape there, there will be no exceptions. It was the center of the extraordinary before the 23rd century, and now it has revived miraculously. It has substantial rise and fall of the extraordinary. It can be The essential radiation has already had an ‘effect’, do you want to trace back the ’cause’ now?”
“The Umbrella of Eternal Silence appears and covers areas that have already been touched and where extraordinary incidents have occurred. There are ‘results’, so they will eventually be affected by the ‘accident’?”
After Wang Xuan finished speaking, he frowned slightly and said: “But it seems that there is a new beginning there. When the two extraordinary centers jump again, will it be different?”
Wang Xuan discovered that only by drinking alcohol and making the mobile phone a little tipsy, and when it was in high spirits, could he get some valuable information out of its mouth.
What he heard today, for him, somewhat subverted his inherent understanding of the extraordinary, and the harvest was huge.
To this end, he paid a “large expense” that was meaningless to him and invited the two dragon girls who were dancing on the stage to toast the “machine brother”.
Of course, at this time Brother Ji was transformed into a decadent young man who was quite addicted to alcohol.
Others cannot see the truth, only Wang Xuan can see it clearly.
Now, two dragon girls with amazing figures came forward. Their long hair was as smooth as silk and satin. They were both smiling, their eyes were touching, their red lips were slightly parted, they were speaking softly, and they were holding crystal-clear glasses. The wine glass kept urging me to drink, and even poured it into a screen.
This weird scene was quite eye-catching, leaving Wang Xuan speechless for a while. It turned out that Brother Ji was so greedy for this drink.
Unfortunately, it was too much, because he was so attentive to s