nce is subtle. But she still took a deep breath of the extraordinary factor and held Wang Xuan’s left arm firmly, making sure no accident occurred midway.

Soon, Wang Xuan entered the state, his parietal bones were dazzling, and the textures on his body were intertwined. Once again, there was an extraordinary tidal sound, which resonated with his soul and provided strong support for the spiritual realm.
“Brother Ji, you are here to protect the law!”
/There was a buzzing sound, and the light flashed. His soul was cold and charming, holding the heavenly sword, followed by Fudao Niu, and blurred from here.
Soon, both of them sensed the lifeless world. Then, Wang Xuan used the secret formula to break through that special layer of mythical decay and broke through in one fell swoop.
When you enter your eyes again, a magnificent new world appears, the boundless extraordinary universe appears, the Tao rhyme flows, it is incomparably magnificent and extremely gorgeous.
At this moment, Wang Xuan was in a trance, feeling unspeakably moved. Looking at the vibrant world, he was excited, bitter, and his body was trembling slightly.
It is difficult for others to understand his feelings because they have never had those experiences.
He was on his way out of a remote universe. The world behind him was extinguished and myths were silenced forever. When he saw the new supernatural light and the new world, it was the most touching thing for a “path-finding” person like him.
“It’s really comparable to the Extraordinary Central Universe!” Leng Mei confirmed that this is an extraordinary world with a great avenue like an abyss, extremely deep and majestic.
At the same time, she let go of Wang Xuan’s arm with a very uncomfortable look on her face. The contact with her soul was really too intimate.
/“It’s really a brand new extraordinary universe!” Fudaoniu exclaimed.
“Don’t say any more. This is a rare coincidence. It has a Tao charm comparable to the extraordinary central universe. If you don’t absorb it now, it will be later!” Wang Xuan reminded.
He held the spiritual heavenly sword in his right hand and was on guard, but he did not encounter extraordinary creatures this time. He quickly led Dao Yun, which was a priceless thing for him.
“Thank you Master Kong for the great opportunity. After I go back, maybe I can survive the disaster with Master Kong!” Fudaoniu was shocked, happy, excited, and his confidence soared.
For extraordinary beings, seeing another extraordinary central universe is indeed a great opportunity that is hard to imagine.
Wang Xuan is already thinking about bringing old friends here to experience it if there is a chance in the future. This place is extremely important!
Leng Mei was also excited, taking a deep breath to comprehend the charm of the Tao here, and to capture the essence of the Tao that was different from the mother universe.
This kind of “fugue” was unprecedented for her!
The trip went smoothly, and they did not encounter extraordinary creatures from the outer universe. The spiritual sword